Sunday, July 17, 2022

Biden regime is definitely ((Jewish)) and definitely destroying America. Why can't anyone say it?

The more NY Times neoliberal scam "economist" ((Paul Krugman)) fails, the more the grifter establishment rewards him

Banal CNN propagandist ((Jake Tapper)) casually discusses US coups with neocon sociopath Jon Bolton

Every single ((Jew)) with any significant wealth in any significant position of power in America is a Zionist with direct personal, financial, and family ties to the occupation regime in Palestine

In latest stab at salvaging sinking ((Jewish)) state, NYT and NPR eulogize ‘thrilling’ Israeli government as model for U.S.

Jewish Agency fifth column's Russian future in doubt over government's new demands

A sociopath British prime minister and governments of groveling goys across the West have put the human race at the mercy of ((Jewish)) power

Flashback: Now disgraced and resigned neocon Prime Minister Boris Johnson "embarrassed Britain on Moscow visit"

Moscow not shedding tears at neocon British leader's exit, Putin's spokesman indicates

End of the NWO: Era of Western dominance ending – Tony Blair

((Alan Dershowitz)) whines that Palestinians get a lot of attention because their cause is a proxy for opposition to international ((Jews))

"Anti-Semitism" Rises As Wealthy ((Jews)) Announce Plan To Flood Small French Town With Hundreds of Migrants

Even as statistics put the lie to their claims, the ((ADL)) shows no shame in hyping "an increased threat to Jews"

Whitewashing Of ((Jew)) Israeli Zionist Mob Boss ((Les Wexner)) Begins

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