Saturday, September 17, 2022

Judeofascist Zelensky takes swipe at Trump for praising bad guy Putin; should have created a "psychological profile," says the sadistic, cross-dressing Zionist cokehead

((Zelenksy)) the confirmed keynote speaker at Military Industrial Complex conference

Politicized FBI Conducts Mass Raids Against Trump Supporters

Under Judoefascist Garland, extreme politicization of the DOJ

Judeofascist Garland's enforcers: voters agree FBI is “Joe Biden’s Gestapo," according to Rasmussen poll

Agency man? The FBI Is Hiding ((Epstein)) Records

Fake-progressive ((Blinkin)) kills Iran deal, claims peace "takes us backwards"

Lockheed, the nation’s largest defense contractor, sends key executives on a mission to deconstruct their “white male privilege” for the woke industrial complex

9/11 inside job, 21 years on -- Zionists have expanded their war with the world

Judeofascists Larry Silverstein got the asbestos removal job done on the Twins

Thin-skinned Judeofascist "comedian" can't take a joke

((Soros)) co-conspirator plotted with ACLU to abuse his office for $50 million payday

House of ((Adelson)) Stooge Nikki Haley Campaigns For Dr Oz: "Legal Immigrants Are More Patriotic Than Most Americans"

Whether worshipping Yaweh or Big Brother, the Judeofascists demand adherence to the single “god,” and to his ((Jewish)) brain trust

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