Thursday, November 10, 2022

Biggest donors in US midterm election were mostly liberal and neocon ((jewish)) oligarchs

Biggest donors in US midterm election were mostly liberal and neocon ((jewish)) oligarchs

REVEALED: Former Israeli spies working in top jobs at Google, Facebook, Microsoft

A higher-up in the Security Council of Russia penned a op-ed in which he said that Chabad, the premier representatives of organized Jewry in the Slavlands, was up to no good

Israel giving intelligence support to ZOG Ukraine

Shocking details of Zionist biological warfare against Palestinians exposed

((jews)) Fear ‘Another’ Holocaust™ After Elon Musk Vows To Allow Twitter Users Freedom Of Speech

ADL Orders Global Advertiser Boycott to Destroy Elon Musk's Twitter For Not Censoring Kanye West

((jews)) Have an Absolute Power to Prevent Anyone from Doing Business

Kyrie Irving Suspended by Nets For His 'Insufficient Apology For Anti-Semitism'; Israeli Ambassador Boasts He's Been 'Put In His Place'

ZOG leftists want AMNESTY for their covid crimes but are unwilling to offer any APOLOGY to those whose lives were destroyed

Kanye: My ((jewish)) Lawyer Told Me I'll Lose Custody of My Kids If I Keep Up The 'Anti-Semitic Rhetoric'

Pro-vax ((Ben Shapiro)) FINALLY admits he was wrong about vaccine effectiveness -- but refuses to apologize for being a ((jew))

Israeli President Says He's 'Extremely Pleased' With Kanye Getting Canceled; Reveals He Met With Biden to Condemn Ye

((jew)) stooge John Mellencamp goes to bat for rich entertainment industry ((jews))

Zionist ADL conference will feature Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, FBI Director Christopher Wray, actor David Schwimmer and Judeofascist war criminal Doron Almog

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