Thursday, February 02, 2023

Jung-Freud says "Jews control the Gods." They don't. They control Satan masquerading as God.

In The Dark Ramifications of Jews Controlling the Gods, Jung-Freud writes:

"There is only one God, but for some reason, He favors one people over all others. This is an inconsistent combination of universalism and particularism. The only-one-God part is universalist, as He is the ruler of all. But then, it says this one and only God favors Jews uber alles. So, Jews have an expansive imagination of God who claims mastery over all the world and all the peoples, BUT God favors the Jewish tribe as special and more deserving than inferior goyim."

The first mistake J-F makes is declaring people of Hebrew lineage "Jews." They're not "Jews," who became  a nation when they received the Ten Commandments from Moses. (Or from Moses' mind. Moses may really be the godhead of Jews.) 

Secondly, Moses killed a lot of Hebrews (the sick and corrupt golden calf faction) which was ultimately good and necessary for the development of Judeo-Christianity, and world civilization. Ugly but necessary.

J-F continues:

"Such an attitude makes Jews highly moralistic(as the Tribe that received the laws from God) but also emotionally stingy as they claim special relationship to the one and only God."

Again, he's talking about Moses. And God/Moses only cared about those who would adhere to the Ten Commandments, and wanted to destroy those Hebrews who had proven they couldn't or wouldn't abide by the laws -- the golden calf faction. And he did destroy some of them. (Later on, Jesus echoed Moses when he attacked the "Synagogue of Satan" -- those "who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars.")


Secular Jews replaced God with History or Self-Worship. Notice how Jews incessantly pontificate about combating supremacism and related evils, but it all boils down to non-Jews of every stripe having to suck up to Jews as the master race(though masquerading as the forever victim race — the forever victim-master-race).

So these "secular Jews" worship themselves and their Satanic "race," not God/Moses/Jesus. And that's why so many "Jews" and their stooges are Marxist-Zionists today, engaged in all manner of money worship, treachery, evil, warmongering, child sacrifice, human experimentation, organized crime etc. just like their Golden Calfer forebears. These phony "Jews" place zero value on integrity and morality and humanity because they are actually descended from the Hebrews who long ago became Satanists and "Voodooists," which they remain to this day. But they masquerade as "the people of the book, the people of the law" to discredit their sworn enemies, Moses and Jesus, by making a mockery of what I call Moses-Christianity (given that Zionism has so severely distorted and discredited Judeo-Christianity and Christendom, by design).

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A. Clifton said...

Question (s) : When did the word {{{{JEW}}}} first appear (in writing) ....?

When did the {{{{KHAZAR}}} - {{{{PROSELYTES}}}} to TALMUDIC JUDAISM become {{{JEWS}}} ?

When did the GOG & MAGOG {{{{PROSELYTES}}}} [[[KHAZAR]]]- {{{JEWS}}}.. find out the truth....

and stop being.... {{{{JEWS}}}}...?

.....better yet when will "Israel"....Re-Gather...?