Friday, March 31, 2023

Judeo-fascist Zionist leader welcomed to Netanyahu's ruling coalition. Advocated "extermination camps" for Palestinians.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu yesterday welcomed the newest MK to his ruling coalition, Avichai Buaron of the Religious Zionism Party.  It is one of two Judeo-fascist parties in the governing coalition...

He wrote that if the rabbis refrained from entering politics, it would be impossible to create “extermination camps” for “Amalekites.”  This is a code word for “Palestinians,” referring to the ancient tribe of the Biblical era which, according to the Torah, attacked the Israelites.  According to the Biblical text, God commanded the latter to wipe the tribe out completely.  When King Saul spared the Amalekite king after winning a battle, God vowed to punish him for disobeying (he and his son were killed in a subsequent battle).  This is one of several Biblical examples of Israelite genocide against neighboring tribes...

Chris Moore comments: A tried and true ((jew)) trick for writing "history": wait until the history happens (in this case, Saul and his sons being eventually killed in battle) and then go back and write that "God earlier vowed to punish him for disobeying Him about killing the Amalekite king -- and he did! Beware of God's Judeo-fascist wrath! Never go against the will of Yahweh!"

These ((jews)) use the same kind of trickery writing their narratives today. The only difference is they've replaced Yahweh with Big Brother in the diaspora. In Israel, it's a Yahweh/Big Brother mix. Meanwhile, they continue their persecution of Christendom in both places. 

Zionist-neocon-Big Brother ((jew)) collaborators and co-profiteers are criminal traitors and totalitarian, anti-Christ/anti-West Judeo-fascist accomplices.

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