Sunday, March 26, 2023

Judeofascist war on Arabs: Nearly the entirety of organized Jewry from left to right is on record as supporting either the Iraq war or the war on Libya, or both

The entire establishment lined up behind our war, and it was one of the greatest disasters of history. That is what I saw. Leaders who as young people had protested the Vietnam War (and built careers on it, like Chuck Schumer and Joe Lieberman) were throwing out that awareness to support a war that was going to destroy an Arab capital or two or three, and create immeasurable misery and kill hundreds of thousands of brown people not to mention loot a beautiful civilization in waves of Islamophobia.

The New York Times was beating the drum, and Kenneth Pollack, Tom Friedman, and Jeffrey Goldberg championed the cause with rumors (and damaged their reputations, happily). Many accomplished and even excellent journalists tarnished their careers by signing on to this terrible blunder (I don’t mention their names here because I supported the Libyan intervention in 2011– and when will I live down that error?).

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