Sunday, July 30, 2023

The ((jewish)) disease: Netanyahu's out of control, sociopath son banned from Israel for slapping his out of control, sociopath father

Yair Netanyahu Accuses State Department, CIA of Financing Overthrow of Israeli Government

...“What I’ve heard up to now: if he returns [to Israel] he will be arrested immediately. The reason is that sometime after the elections, the heads of the security agencies met with his father for a security briefing. They requested that he leave. He wasn’t happy about this. This led to his slapping his father, after which he was immediately removed by the Shin Bet security agents, and detained in one of the rooms [of the house]. They didn’t take away his cell phone and he tweets with someone “the Shabak is conducting a coup.” The Shabak removed the tweet immediately.

An attack on the prime minister. By his son. This is a crime which includes attacking a “symbol of state” and all that bullshit. This is a serious matter in the eyes of the security apparatus. The Shin Bet chief wanted to charge him with a crime. Bibi was presured and turned to the attorney general, Meira, to help broker a compromise between the two sides. This was the agreement: Yair would be exiled from the country and forbidden to use social media. That’s why he’s in Miami now Unable to return...

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