Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"One Billion Americans: The Case For Thinking Bigger": Neocon ((Matt Yglesias)) the intellectual author of Biden open borders policies, motivated by perpetuating ZOG wars and global hegemony

One Billion Americans

One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger is a book by Matthew Yglesias, first published in 2020. One Billion Americans argues that America is not over-crowded and could have one billion citizens, and still have less than half the population density that Germany has today.[1] Additionally, it makes the case that America is justified for wanting to stay relevant into the far distant future, and that in order to do so, it will need to be populated like China and India.

In order to support growth, Yglesias argues for a variety of programs, including increased government spending on child care and day care, the use of S-trains for urban transportation, and increased immigration to the United States, under the general rubric of increasing the American population.[2][3] It suggests that a substantial increase to the population of the United States is necessary to perpetuate American hegemony.[4] ....

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