Thursday, November 16, 2023

Butcher ((Netanyahu)) admits he made his brainwashed jew subjects guinea pigs for ((Albert Bourla)) and Pfizer

Netanyahu Admits He Turned Israel Into ‘Covid Vaccine Lab’ for Pfizer

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently admitted that in late 2020 he turned Israel into a giant human “laboratory for Pfizer”.

During an February 2023 interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, he revealed that he had used the Israeli people as guinea pigs by exchanging their medical and genetic data for Pfizer’s Covid-19 experimental ‘vaccines’.

He proudly admitted to persuading Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla into provide Israel with enough shots so it could be the first nation to get beyond COVID-19.

In exchange, Netanyahu offered Bourla Israel’s medical database in order for Pfizer to evaluate what effect the shots were having on people...

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