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Heeb->Khazar->Yid->Cousinhood theory is correct: they're all deformed jews who have cultivated sick and warped stooges

What Ron Unz Doesn’t Say About the Khazars

...To recap, Jewish Khazars did indeed rule over Khazaria between the 8th and 10th centuries but they were not converts, i.e., gentiles who converted to judaism. According to Wikipedia, this purely speculative theory on the Khazarian origin of Ashkanezi Jews was first developed by a French philosopher named Ernest Renan. It was then popularized by Arthur Koestler in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage.[3] More recently, extremely left-wing Israeli historian Shlomo Sand, the author of The Invention of the Jewish People[4] argued that because Jews are mostly descended from Khazar converts, they do not constitute a nation or need a state of their own. Likewise, Arabs have long cited the Khazar myth in attempts to deny a Jewish historical claim to the land of Israel.

Several historians who are aware of the apologetic nature of its hypothesis rejected this theory.[5] A crucial difficulty right from the start is in the word “Ashkenaz” which means “the West,”[6] i.e., Jews of England and France who after their expulsion from these countries moved to Germany and Eastern Europe into an area designated by the Russian government as the “Pale of Settlement,” the great medieval haven of Jewry. This area included Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Bessarabia. These regions which were also inhabited by the Jewish left-overs of the Jewish Khazaria empire were part of the Russian Empire, but not of Russia as such.[7]

The fact that Ashkenazi Jews speak a language based on German (Yiddish) rather than a language based on Turkish is an additional difficulty. Moreover, it is unlikely that the highly literate Ashkenazim would retain no trace of their Turkish origins...

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