Sunday, May 26, 2024

Judeofascist oligarchs are funding the American crackdown on campus protests against Israeli genocide

Follow the Money

...Why have overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations against a foreign power’s actions been met with such a heavy-handed response? A MintPress News investigation finds that those same elite institutions have deep financial and ideological ties to the state of Israel, are funded by pro-Israel billionaires who have demanded they take action to crush the student movement, are partially funded by the Israeli government, and exist in a climate where Washington has made it clear that the protests should not be tolerated...

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ariadnatheo said...

'Follow the money' makes sense but we should not forget that another successful judaic method of coercion is the fear instilled in people of being tagged ad "anti-semitic."
Granted, it has lost some of the potency it used to have but not necessarily for the right reasons. Most people still defend themselves (if they even do so rather than abjectly apologizing)by insisting they are only criticizing Israel, and not even Israel but its current regime because really, see, "zionism is not judaism," and most jews are really peace-loving, etc.
Anti-semitism needs to be accepted and understood as an immune response to COLLECTIVE judaic behavior.