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Judeofascist authoritarians and the ‘War on Terror’ laws

(By Chris Moore, -- Blogger Xymphora recently noted the connection between Zionism and the post-9/11 ‘War on Terror' legislation passed in much of the West by big government authoritarians of both the Left and Right. He says Zionists and authoritarians want to use homeland security laws to maintain Americans citizens and others in an Orwellian state of paranoia and agitation in order to control them with fear, and to normalize Israel’s oppressive and totalitarian treatment of the Palestinian people as a rational reaction to their “terrorism.”

Of the ongoing battle over whether to maintain current 'War on Terror' restrictions on civil liberties, he writes:

“The Zionists and the jack-booted thugs…of the security establishment [have] relied on fear to attempt to keep the legislation. Terrorist hell is supposed to break loose once there is any glimmer of freedom from oppression.

“The ‘war on terror’ was created by Netanyahu and the Israeli right for three reasons: 1. It was supposed to replace the idea that Israel was the ally of the United States in the Middle East in the battle against the Soviets, by the idea that Israel was the ally of the United States in the Middle East in the battle against fundamentalist Islam (the shift was needed when the Soviet Union no longer existed). 2. It was intended to create the idea that Israel’s struggle against the justified reaction by the Palestinians to Israeli war crimes was the same struggle faced by the United States, and the world. 3. It has been extended to include the entire gamut of propaganda weapons which we know of as Islamophobia, intended to create a general fear of Islam which is used to make possible various Zionist outrages.

“One of the Israeli spies caught while cheering at the collapse of the World Trade center put it clearly: ‘We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.’ Netanyahu himself, on being asked about what the September 11 attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations, said: ‘It's very good. Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.’”

Xymphora is inclined to cast much of the blame for the authoritarian legislation on behind-the-scenes lobbying by the “Jewish Billionaires Club” (which I read as his metaphor for the wealthiest of Jewish authoritarians and their network of pro-Zionist organizations emanating from Israel and through much of the Caucasian world).

He is probably correct in his assessment that Jewish nationalist Zionists are sympathetic to authoritarianism (so long as they hold the reins of power) and deserve much blame for draconian, post-9/11 legislation. But they most certainly weren’t and aren’t acting alone. Jews make up a tiny minority of Westerners -- under 5% of the United States and well under that in all of (for lack of a better term) Caucasland (which comprises Caucasian-dominated Europe plus the five nations Xymphora names as impacted by Zionist-engineered authoritarian legislation (Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Britain). Wealthy Jewish Zionist fanatics sympathetic to authoritarianism make up an even smaller percentage of the overall population of Caucasland still.

Part of the point of Xymphora’s article is that the “horrific Orwellian legislation” engineered by the Zionists and designed to oppress Muslims must be endured by everyone (as a result of commendable equal protection clauses written into the laws of nearly all countries of Caucasland). He does not indicate one way or another, but I believe that the legislation is directed not only at Muslims, but at every other group that the Zionists see as a potential threat both today and in the future, including, theoretically, Christians. (Remember, the authoritarian laws of the ‘War on Terror’ are similar to -- and perhaps even patterned on -- those imposed by the disproportionately Jewish Bolsheviks on the people of the Soviet Union used to strangulate and ultimately annihilate Russian Christians and other anti-Communist dissidents.)

This is ironic given that a large percentage of the Christian Right is also Christian Zionist. The Christian Zionists know the history of Jewish Bolshevism and its murderous hatred of Christianity, and that is why I identify the premeditated Jewish nationalist/Christian Zionist alliance as Judeofascism instead of Christofascism. There is nothing “Christian” about Judeofascism whatsoever, except in the sense that it includes partners from a group that identifies itself as “Christian” and subscribes to the theory that Western civilization is exclusively a construct of the Judeo-Christian tradition (as opposed to a construct of Greco-Roman/Christian/Enlightenment tradition). But nothing in blood-drenched Christian Zionist behavior is consistent with the teachings of Christ or any of the words that actually came out of his mouth (including its love of corrupt Jewish leaders).

On the other hand, given that Bolshevism, Zionism and Neoconservatism are all disproportionately Jewish movements, and that their Manichean, cliquish, warmongering, “good vs. evil," "with us or against us” world view is consistent with certain racialist interpretations of Jewish doctrine that fixate on the concept of “choseness,” obsess over dividing Jews from gentiles, and emphasize the Talmud (itself filled with the most bigoted and vituperative anti-gentile rhetoric), there is something distinctly Jewish about Judeofascsim. In fact, pushing choseness, obsessively segregating Jews from gentiles and fixating on the Talmud are all, unfortunately, commonplace in today’s organized Jewish mainstream.

As Xymphora’s assessment points up, the problems start, then, when the racialist-oriented organized Jewish mainstream (as opposed to the silent majority of disorganized Jewry) takes hold of the levers of power and starts imposing its divisive, polarizing world view on Western politicians as a template for governance. The problem snowballs when philo-Semitic “Christian” Zionists and the greedy military-industrial complex join with organized Jewry to undertake a clash of civilization against Muslims, resulting in the latest incarnation of Judeofascism-on-the-move. And the problem turns into an avalanche when corrupt and unprincipled Democrats and Republicans are bought off by wealthy Jewish nationalist/Christian Zionist Judeofascists with campaign contributions to undertake a ‘War on Terror’ using Judeofascist methods, tactics and principles in pursuit of a Judeofascist agenda.

Unfortunately, most self proclaimed conservatives or liberals are willing to both deny Judeofascism’s existence and look the other way as it carries out its murderous campaign. They say that Islamic fanaticism merits a strong response.

Yes, Islamic totalitarianism exists; yes, Judeofascism exists. Both are hopelessly inimical to liberty, authentic conservatism and authentic liberalism. Yet the two-party extremists, all of whom say they want to fight Islamic totalitarianism to one degree or another, are willing to surrender to the Judeofascist agenda to do so. They have made their deal with the devil.

So now that we know where Judeofascist extremism leads (to the Gulag) how are these sell-outs who are collaborating with the Judeofascists from within our very borders less of a threat than the Islamic totalitarians?

Hillary Clinton? Barak Obama? Rudy Giuliani? John McCain? All sell-outs. All Judeofascist appeasers. All phony “liberals” or faux “conservatives.”

As the saying goes, something’s gotta give. America and the world have a minor Islamic totalitarian problem and a major Judeofascist one, and the corrupt, two-party monopoly is never going to solve either.

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