Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Eternal Dilemma of the Authoritarian Jew

A recent post on Mondoweiss goes to an important Neocon motive for orchestrating the Iraq war that has been roundly ignored by the mainstream media and the US Establishment: the Jewish-American Zionist desire to eliminate an enemy of Israel and expand the sphere of influence, security and glory of their spiritual homeland.

"The problem with the neocons is that they have by and large acted out of a strong sense of essentially religious concern with the security needs of the Jewish state, but suppressed that component of their thinking in the public square," writes Philip Weiss.

Weiss is right as far as he goes, but he doesn’t go far enough. Actually, the problem with the Neocons is that they are suffering the Eternal Dilemma of the ideologically authoritarian Jew: How can I craft policy that will serve my own needs while simultaneously convincing the gentile community the policy actually serves its needs? What do I do when the gentile community inevitably finds out that the policy I have crafted does not serve its needs as I have advertised?

The answer? Eventually there will always be a conflict of interest, at which point in time an authoritarian system will need to be in place to force the gentile community to accept the state of affairs beneficent to the authoritarian Jew and crafted by him.

The Neocons didn't so much suppress the religious-motive component of the Iraq war as hide it behind accusations of anti-Semitism hurled at anyone who brought it up in order to buy time. The Department of Homeland Security was crafted in order to put an authoritarian system in place to deal with the Eternal Dilemma when it inevitably arose. It hasn't worked because America is an open society, and because the Iraq war unraveled before the cement supporting the totalitarian structure could dry, which allowed the political heat that they originally envisioned would be shielded by the state to get to the Neocons.

To what extent does the Eternal Dilemma guide the thinking of the authoritarian Jew and govern other areas of his life (beyond his political life)? I suspect it has nearly total control of his intellect, which makes the authoritarian Jew a prisoner of his own belief system and a danger to everyone, more so because he isn’t even aware of the intellectual demon that thrives on the quandary that governs him.

Or is he unaware? An argument might be made that the authoritarian Jew is well aware of this demon, but chooses to live with it because it provides him stimulation, sustenance and can even be used to make him wealthy or powerful -- so long as it doesn’t get him killed first. It’s a chance the authoritarian Jew is often willing to take.

Henry Makow has written of the high that authoritarian Jews get from their intellectual demons, and how those demons drive them to commit heinous acts of murder, perhaps the ultimate example being Jewish Communists:

‘The greatest mass slaughter in history was not the Jewish holocaust but the Ukrainian Holodomor. By Stalin's own estimate, ten million Ukrainians died, mostly at the hands of Bolshevik Jews.

‘The extermination of the Ukrainian Kulaks was directed from the Kremlin where the Bolshevik leadership lived together and maintained a fraternal atmosphere suffused by their fervent collectivist idealism i.e. their egregore. This is how historian Simon Sebag Montefiore describes the scene in the Kremlin during the Holomodor. (Of course he doesn't mention that most of the main players were Jews.)

"This pitiless fraternity lived in a sleepless frenzy of excitement and activity, driven by adrenalin and conviction. Regarding themselves like God on the first day, they were creating a new world in a red-hot frenzy... " ("Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar", p. 40)’

Of course, once Hitler saw the rules by which the Jewish Communists were playing in Russia, the Holodomor and all the other wanton mass murders perpetrated by the Jewish Communists in the Soviet bloc countries against gentiles and dissidents, he adopted those rules himself, which resulted in the Holocaust.

And so it goes…

--Chris Moore