Thursday, April 10, 2008

Duel-identity makes Judeofascists dangerously schizo; Deport them--it’s why Israel was created

(By Chris Moore) -- Judeofascists show one face in gentile circles, another in Jewish ones. They profess to be anti-totalitarian and liberal, but when they have attained power, they quickly embrace totalitarianism and Red-fascist bullying tactics (as Jewish Bolshevism, Zionism and Neconservatism demonstrate). They claim to be anti-racist in public, but their fidelity to Talmudic doctrine, perhaps the first fascist tract, makes them the original racists.

But when it comes to formulating policy on behalf of their fellow Jews, the Judeofascist’s true nature and worldview can’t be hidden and is revealed for all to see.

The tension between their two identities is what underlies Judeofascist mental instability and willingness to embrace extreme measures. So long as the Judeofascist policy agenda remain on the margins and is not central to a national pursuit, Judeofascist hypocrisy and schizophrenia is tolerated and even venerated as a spark of “creativity.”But, as with the Zionist-engineered Iraq war and “war on terror,” when the Judeofascist agenda becomes central to the national pursuit, Zionist derangement becomes a national focal point and triggers an increase in so-called “anti-Semitism,” which more often then not is merely anti-Judeofascism.

This is why I support the existence of Israel: These Judeofascist nut-cases, who will forever be tormented by the conflict between their two-identities and hence perpetually dangerous, need to be put somewhere. In fact, Israel was created for this very purpose, and there is absolutely no reason not to utilize it as a steam valve. It’s stupid and self-destructive not to do so.

Those Jews who are suspected of using their official US government capacities to pursue the Israeli agenda should be put on trial and, if found guilty, stripped of their US citizenship and deported to Israel -- for their own good and the good of the US.

We can start with the entire cadre of Jewish nationalist Zionist neocons in the Bush administration who engineered the Iraq war on behalf of Israel and are today attempting to engineer a war against Iran on behalf of same. We can move along to Joe Lieberman, Rahm Emanuel, Carl Levin, Arlen Specter, Norm Coleman, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barney Frank and the multiplicity of other Jewish nationalist Zionists in the US Congress who, under the auspices of the US government, have diverted US taxpayer money to Israel on behalf of the Israeli government for years. We can then make our way into publicly funded academia to determine which Judeofascist scholars have used public tax money to advance the Israeli national agenda.

And no, I am not being ironic; I am deadly serious.

Ridiculous? Quixotic? McCarthyistic? A witch hunt? Hardly. More like realist.

History has shown time and again that a nation that doesn’t undertake dramatic measures in the fight against Judeofascism is destined to collapse, the Soviet Union merely being the most recent example. It’s no coincidence that post-Soviet Russia is now thriving since Communist Judeofascists emigrated to Israel and elsewhere (unfortunately, many to America) and the visionary Putin brought the hammer down on the Judeofascist oligarchs.

Visionaries understand that Judeofascism is an extremely well financed, organized, motivated, ambitious and emotionally driven enterprise that consumes, like a swarm of locusts, everything in its path. One of the reasons that the neocon agitprops are so capable of diagnosing and articulating the threat of Islamic totalitarianism (they incorrectly label it as Islamofasicsm) is that Judeofascism is Islamic totalitarianism’s mirror image. They know full well Islamic totalitarians can’t be trusted because they have seen that they themselves, as another subversive totalitarian religo-political movement, are capable of anything -- the Bush administration Judeofascist neocons’ “decisive” role (as Walt and Mearsheimer put it) in lying America into the Iraq war being merely one example.

Judeofascists should be pursuing the Israeli agenda from the shores of Israel, not America. The most clear-headed of them would probably even agree, if confronted, that such an arrangement is only right. Again, it’s why Israel was created, and it has the added benefit of sending an unmistakable message to “Christian” Zionists: your Judas-like treason will not be tolerated.

So investigate them, try them, and deport them. It’s really the only reasonable, humane way of dealing with the Judeofascist problem.

Does this generation of Americans have the balls and brains to do what needs to be done? I have my doubts, but if America is to survive as a nation, it better grow some bits, pieces and brain matter right quick.

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