Saturday, September 26, 2009

Banned from Mondoweiss: Creeping Left censorship?

For those who are interested, here is my (censored) comment from the Mondoweiss post that Philip Weiss professed to believe was anti-Semitic, and used as a pretext for my banning:

This raises the question of anti-American absolutism, both Left and Right. Since this [photo] documents the right-wing version, let’s examine Leftist absolutism.

There are a lot of different opinions about what, exactly, Judaism is; but one characteristic that most people can agree on is that it is comprised of a cohesive group of Jews. In fact, were they not so cohesive, they likely would not exist to this day, because it takes a lot of glue to keep any particular group of people together for some 4,000 years.

So the question becomes: how can Jewry reconcile their cohesiveness, which necessarily encompasses the division of the world into Jews and Gentile “others,” with the imperatives of the secular-humanist socialist view of the modern world, which insists that there is no “other,” and acknowledgement of religo-ethno-cultural differences is inherently racist because it is a surrender to the obsolete intellectual framework of a primitive, tribal and racist past?

In other words, if secular humanist socialist doctrine is to be taken to its natural conclusion, it is racist for anyone to identify him or herself as a Jew, Christian, Muslim, German, American etc, (any tribal affiliation) and it is contradictory for anyone to identify him or herself as, for example, a secular humanist Jew. That means, according to socialist doctrine, all self-described Jews are racists, and should be stereotyped as thus, no differently than those goons in the photo. (Mooser, Weiss, did you know this about yourselves?)

This is why and how Leftist thought becomes the human-negating enemy of mankind, and led to, for example, the Holocaust, via the totalitarian imposition of Communist logic in Soviet Russia.

The racist absolutism depicted in the photo may be irrational, but the fear of Communism is not.

My banning from Mondoweiss has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, and Weiss knows it. It has to do with the hard-Left Jewish diaspora political identity, which is just the flip side of the hard-Right Jewish Zionist identity. There is no moral distinction between the two whatsoever; in fact, the hard-Left is ultimately more destructive.

I harbor no animosity towards Weiss, who has mostly handled the Zionist issue honestly and deftly, but ultimately his left-wing politics prevent him from getting to any kind of truth or responsible outcome to the problem of the authoritarian impulse amongst large pluralities of politicized modern Jewry from the Levant to New York.

Apologists will say Jewry have plenty of good historical reasons to be fearful and hence disposed towards authoritarianism, but that can legitimately be said of nearly any nation. Nazi Germany had plenty of legitimate reasons to be fearful, but it’s no excuse for mass-murderous authoritarianism --which pluralities of Jewry were themselves guilty of instigating and implementing prior to the Holocaust in the early Soviet era, and on a larger scale.

Weiss want to point the finger at right-wing Zionism, but refuses to consider it’s left-wing equivalent in the diaspora, and as far as I know has never even addressed Jewish Bolshevism and its role in the mass murder of millions of Christians, dissidents, and simple peasants caught up in the Communist whirlwind. In fact, Russian Communism itself had instituted an (operationally Zionist) de facto Jewish exceptionalism in its early years by promoting inordinately large numbers of Jews into the upper hierarchy (not unlike the Democratic Party has increasingly done for years in America).

It is the similar plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Levant Zionism (which dropped all pretense and instituted du jure Jewish exceptionalism) that originally brought me to their cause, and to the conclusion that due to the Jewish authoritarian impulse, the two-state solution with complete Palestinians sovereignty is really the only viable means of ever getting any kind of permanent relief for the occcupied Palestinian people.

I don’t know what solution Weiss favors, because I don’t believe he has ever openly committed to a position (more liberal wishy-washiness) but deep down, he probably would like to see Israel totally dismantled, because Jewish Zionism conflicts with his fanciful and childish image of Jewish identity. The problem is, if Israel is dismantled, the whole dysfunctional cycle of the Jewish quest for a homeland simply starts again.

Jewry needs to grow up, and the best way to do so is for the nation to learn to get along with competitors, critics and antagonists without going ballistic and throwing tantrums.

Apparently Weiss isn’t there yet.

Nor is Jewry. Even after 4,000 years.

But just because tribal Jewry remains alienated from humanity doesn't mean all peoples, cultures and civilizations should be steam-rolled into "unity" as a way of working through peculiarly Jewish issues of stubborn arrested development, as factions of left-wing Jews have apparently concluded via a process of psychological projection.

This is the contradiction of the authoritarian Left in general and authoritarian Left-Jewry in particular: they professes to be on the side of humanity even as they seeks to destroy what makes it human, all out of neurosis-based concepts of equaling and assimilation.

-- By Chris Moore

PS, Since I've been banned from Mondoweiss, which was an effective outlet for my views due to its large audience, I guess I’ll have to spark this blog back up to continue to address the Zionist problem, which perhaps is for the best, anyway. Lately I have too often approached the fight as a kind of virtual guerrilla warfare and have enjoyed the hit and run tactics of blog commenting, but eventually you’ve got to return to base camp, I suppose.

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