Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jewish racism: Not just for Zionists

(By Chris Moore, -- Self-described "assimilationist Jew " Philip Weiss thinks I dislike Jews. In a front page post on anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss titled ‘Anti-semites go away,’ he claims I “don’t have anything nice to say about [his] original community,” and says he doesn’t want me offering my opinion of Jews on his site, hence I have been banned from commenting on Mondoweiss.

Fair enough. It is his site and he can ban whomever he wants. But his blanket assessment that I dislike Jews, and his inference that the comment from the post that led to my banning was removed because it contained a general expression of dislike for Jews, are both false; and his insinuation that I am an anti-Semite who has deemed the Zionist problem to be “racial or irremediable” is a wrong-headed smear as well. All of which deserves a published rebuttal.

Further compounding Weiss’ off-base assessment of my comment was an Orwellian reinterpretation of the removed comment by regular hard-Left Mondoweiss commenter 'syvanen,' claiming “the blow up Friday began with Chris linking this universal Jewish character to Jewish Bolshevism and the neocons…”

This, too, is totally untrue. Although I’ve regularly noted the connection between Jewish neoconservatism and Jewish Bolshevism in terms of authoritarian outlook in comments on Mondoweiss in the past, the comment that was removed said nothing about Jewish Bolshevism and the neocons, and the closest it came to a universal characterization about Jews was the statement that “one characteristic that most people can agree on is that [Judaism] is comprised of a cohesive group of Jews.”

But the main point of my deleted comment was contained in its final sentence, and pertained to the signs prominently featured in the picture displayed by Weiss that accompanied the original post. In it, segregationist goons from the 50’s South were carrying a sign that read “Race Mixing is Communism.” My response was thus: “The racist absolutism depicted in the photo may be irrational, but the fear of Communism was not.”

Weiss, I suspect, disliked both my comment on Jewish cohesion, and my comment on anti-Communism, because the first paralleled the cohesion of whites in the segregationist-South to the cohesion of ethnocentric Jewry in general (Weiss only wants to connect segregationist goons with Zionists), and the second comment took a shot at his own left-wing politics.

However, my main goal with the remark was to dispel any impression that there is any equation between anti-Communism and racism, just as it is important not to equate anti-Zionism with racism. Racists may have attached themselves to both causes at times, but that doesn’t invalidate the causes themselves as a result.

My secondary aim was to demonstrate that even segregationist goons from the 50’s were human beings with rational human fears common to their time, and left-wingers and socialist dragging out old segregationist photos -- especially in the context of Obama’s socialist agenda and accusations by Jimmy Carter that opponents are racist -- is a dirty trick.

Unfortunately, that’s standard operating procedure for the Left: drag up instances of historical racism from European colonialism to the Holocaust to segregation, disingenuously connect them to conservatism, libertarianism, and populism, and then use them to tar opponents of socialism as bigots -- all in a ploy to demagogue white guilt, and pit the races against one another for purposes of left-wing political gain.

Since that’s the game they play, it’s only fair to draw the much more intellectually coherent and inherent connection between the Left and the hundred million murders perpetrated by Communism (millions of which were instigated and carried out in Soviet Russia against Christians, in part for their religious heritage, by racist Jewish Communists).

To my mind, this history makes the Left-coalition that is attempting to slowly re-implement a socialist form of neo-Communism the real insidious and racist threat. Actually, worse than racist. Since authoritarian Leftism targets people of all races for re-education or extermination not only for their religious heritage and political views, but for their thoughts as well, it makes them misanthropes.

Despite all the Mondoweiss contretemps, there was an instructive exchange after Weiss purported to justify why I’d been “zapped” that took place between regular commenters D., Syavanen, Tree, and Cliff:

D.: “Most people here at this site are in solidarity in their opposition to Zionism. If the conversation stayed at this level, I don’t think there would be many of these flare-ups of so-called “antisemitism.” The problem seems to arise whenever someone, directly or implicitly, raises the question of the roots of Zionism — is it a hijacking of true Jewishness or the expression of supremacist ideas that were always there?…”

Syvanen: “The question of the roots of Zionism [are] quite legitimate. To suggest that it is an expression of Jewish supremacist ideas is not. This is stereotyping Jewish character in what we mean by antisemitism. The blow up Friday began with Chris linking this universal Jewish character to Jewish Bolshevism and the neocons…”

Tree: “But Zionism IS an expression of Jewish supremacist ideas. This does not mean that every Jew is a supremacist, or that the only threads of Judaism, or “Jewishness” more generally, are supremacist ones, or that Jews are the only people who have ideas that put more worth or value on their own affinity group than others. But the idea of Jewish supremacism exists, and it exists among a certain subset of Jews, just as white supremacism exists, and it exists among a certain subset of whites. And Christian supremacism exists among a certain subset of Christians. To deny that any of that exists is not a refutation of Chris but rather the polar companion to Chris’s statement that such Jewish supremacism is universal…”

Cliff: “I think syvanen is a racist against White people! ‘White’ supremacist?
This is ridiculous. And it shows how hijacked the Palestinian cause is. We are falling over ourselves talking about Jewish identity with such care as if we’re handling delicate china. OF COURSE Zionism is a construct of Jewish identity. To deny that is just a flat out whitewash…”

Since the argument that authoritarian, institutional Jewish supremacism exists in Zionist Israel is irrefutable, the only question up for debate is whether it first showed its face in Russian Bolshevism under the guise of Communism, and whether it's showing its face again today in the Democratic Party, given the hugely disproportionate role being played in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party by left-leaning Jewish Zionists who, for example, comprise 20% of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate even though Jews are under 2% of all U.S. citizens.

This isn’t very “progressive” of the Left, given that there is only one African-American Democrat in the U.S. Senate (1%), even though blacks comprise 13% of the country, and a much higher percentage than that of the regular Democratic vote.

Some might even say it’s racist.

Weiss is no authoritarian Leftist, but how “assimilationist” is he, really, given that his adopted left-wing identity, as opposed to a rejected Zionist identity, means he simply favors one strain of Jewish-centered authoritarianism over another?

***Chris Moore is publisher of and, a conservative-libertarian-populist blog