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Jewish supremacism of the Neocons and Left-authoritarians, revisited

(By Chris Moore) -- Amongst the whole “anti-Semite” brouhaha, German socialist 'LeaNder' dragged up one of my old comments (out of context) from my days at Mondoweiss posting as 'Ed.' I think she was attempting to suggest I was a racist, given the anti-Semite charge. (Nearly all those brainwashed, post-war German Boomer socialists who have been indoctrinated by the State to think as Leftists tend to see a Nazi under every rock.)

Anyway, she actually did me a favor because I had forgotten all about the post. I think the discussion that day back in January was particularly interesting (and relevant to today's question of Jewish supremacism) so I have reposted my comments in their true context here, which revolved around Jack Ross’ assessment after a viewing of the documentary “Arguing With the World” that “the roots of [neocon] pathologies are ultimately cultural.”

Here’s how my portion of the discussion went down:

Jack Ross: "[the film's] subjects are Jewish, and [the story} is about little more then a group of 30s radicals who fell in love with America, never mind that their abstract America was another world from the real America…the roots of their pathologies are ultimately cultural, not ideological,… except for those who are obviously Zionists first and foremost (Abe Foxman, Marty Peretz, Ruth Wisse) they are ideologists (neocons either left or right) first and Jews of whatever stripe second."

Ed (Chris Moore): If the roots of their pathologies are cultural (ie religious, Jewish ethnographic) doesn’t that imply that their motives are the "preservation" (or from my perspective, the "supremacy") of Judaism? Certain Jews and gentiles may differ with their methods and mentality, but it is pretty clear that they believe Jews are supreme beings and should be in a supreme [position] over the rest of humanity (if they truly even regard non-Jews as fully human), which is totally consistent with a certain and seemingly not-uncommon interpretation of "chosen" doctrine.


David Green: [I agree with Finkelstein that] Zionism and Israel were of no use to neocons until they could be integrated into American anti-communism and domestic reactionism against the Civil Rights movement and academic radicalism, such as it was.

Ed: I view this as Christian-imperialist-string-puller theory designed to obfuscate Zionist-string-puller theory. In fact, I wonder if Finkelstein really even believes it himself anymore.

Here is how I view the modern Jewish-ideologue chronicle: They started as Mensheviks and later Bolsheviks, primarily to gain power but also in reaction to anti-semitism, but deep down maintained their Jewish identity and cohesiveness. They exercised power ruthlessly in the Soviet Union/block countries, but eventually their Jewish supremacist beliefs came into conflict with Leftist racial and anti-religious doctrine, and many found their way to America and Israel. In proudly Jewish Israel, racialism developed fairly quickly and openly, whereas in America due to their minority status and to race politics, they had to mask their racialism, hence neconservatism, which in addition to being Jewish-supremacist, also actually encourages large scale non-European immigration to cover its own racism, but also as a way of watering down the white Christian majority, which has historically always been the most ruthless and effective opponent of organized Jewry.

Neocon anti-communism was only the result of Leftism forcing Jewry to abide by Leftist doctrine, and when Jewry refused and was punished, those that were to pioneer Neconservatism turned on Communism angrily. (Some Leftists are engaged in a similar battle of wills with organized Jewry again today). The Jewish ideologues would have happily stayed with murderous Communism and continued to wield their power ruthlessly and Jewish-networked their way into control of the Communist Leviathan had they only been given a pass on the forced melting-pot Leftist racial ideals, (as they mostly have by the half-ass Left in America).

As far as "civil rights" goes, as exercised by most components of organized Jewry, it's just another ploy to gain power, pit competing races against each other at its own behest in a divide-and-conquer strategy, cover its Jewish-supremacist tracks, and deftly angle their way to the top. Abe Foxman's ADL, for example, describes itself as a "civil rights" organization. We all know its just a Zionist/Jewish supremacist front.


David Green: "Religion is of no use to Jewish neocons."

Ed: By your standard, religion is of no use to the Christian imperialists, either, or most of the Christian Zionists.

Judeophiles on the Left want to pick and choose who they categorize as a Jew according to their own political needs, whereas in the case of Christians, they want to glom them all together as bigots.

This is just another variation of Jewish supremacy — let's call it the "sacred Jews are an exception to our anti-religious/anti-racialist existential standards" variation.

There has been a strong streak of Jewish supremacy on the Left since Jews were so predominant in early Communism, and the Jewish supremacist type of Leftist and their Judeophile useful idiots (LeaNder is a contemporary example of the latter) may well be a major reason Communism mutated into an utterly murderous enterprise, as well as the source of its murderous anti-Christianity.

There are huge numbers of anti-Christian, pro-Zionist Judeophiles in the Democratic Party, as well as anti-Christian, Zionist-neutral Judeophiles.

Apparently for many on the Left, religion is always the opiate of the masses — except when it’s Judaism.


Leander: Would Ed's "Christian America" not ultimately offer a similar set of tools in population control?

Ed: LeaNder, I have never advocated a "Christian America," I have advocated a free-will libertarian America (consistent with the beliefs of America's Founders) where people are at liberty to choose their own value systems as opposed to being socially engineered and manipulated in this direction or that by the Big Government State working in conjunction with its authoritarian, control-freak partners — be they Leftists, Neocons, Neolibs or Zionist (both Christian and Jewish).

I would anticipate (but not presume) that Christianity would re-grow organically under such conditions, (but I may be wrong about that). But your type, which has been thoroughly indoctrinated into anti-Christianity (in part by Jewish supremacists) is scared to death of true freedom for that very reason.

You have no faith in anything except the heavy hand of government and the high priests of the Left, many of who are Judeophiles and/or Jewish supremacists.

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