Monday, November 16, 2009

Question of the day: Is the elitist, atheist-materialist, internationalist/globalizationist mindset and agenda the true enemy of America and the West?

(By Chris Moore) -- To what extent are Americans cutting their own throats by acceding to atheist-materialist, globalizationist ground rules and environments, be it via internationalist, money-worshipping crass Capitalism and Empire-building on the Right, or via internationalist, Big Government, State-worship on the Left?

When engaged in combat, it’s never wise to be drawn into a battlefield unprepared for the environment and terrain (think Napoleaon’s 1812 Russian campaign). The social cesspool begotten in colonized, post-Christian, Corporatist America is terrain in which the eternally-materialistic Judeofascist seems to flourish, e.g. the Israel lobby in the increasingly Godless U.S. Yet so is the authoritarian, atheist-Statist terrain begotten by Big Government, e.g. the Jewish Bolsheviks in the early years of the officially atheist former Soviet Union.

What is the middle road that will deprive the Judeofascists and their Goy-Zionist and Judeophile left-liberal collaborators from successfully cultivating an atheist-materialist environment that is conducive to the enslavement of the Gentile masses to the totalitarian, racialist-Jewish-exceptionalist, globalizationist agenda that has taken root in the West? Indeed, have the elites of the former Western civilization been so fatally co-opted and Judaized by this corporatist, internationalist, hyper-materialistic mindset and mentality that they are today incapable of pursing the best interests of the Gentile masses of the former Western civilization they profess to be championing, and now, like the Judeofascists and organized Jewish colonizers themselves, view the Western masses as a menace best kept under increasingly-totalitarian lock and key, and corporatist yoke? Or, like the Jewish Zionists in the Levant, view the Western masses as nothing but a fattened material source to be wrung for all their worth and summarily discarded?

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