Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Flashback: How Obama's noxious right-hand man Rahm Emanuel and his media stooges once grifted a House seat by playing the anti-Semitism card

Left Wing Columnist Contrives GOP Narrative
(Chicago Daily Observer) -- By Thomas F. Roeser

...The best case history on how to benefit from a charge was made in Illinois by, who else? Rahm Emanual.

Emanuel was slithering ahead as an interloper from New Trier suburbs, a new arrival in the north side’s 5th district. It was once Polish but is now a polyglot of Old Town, fashionable Lake Shore drive and Wrigley Field. He challenged for the Democratic nomination State Rep. Nancy Kaczak, a Polish woman, lifelong resident and popular state lawmaker. A supporter of Kaczak, without knowledge just hearsay, alleged that Emanuel had dual citizenship in Israel, an inaccuracy. Emanuel turned on his campaign’s propaganda wind machine to project himself as victim of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism? Is dual citizenship with Israel ipso facto anti-Semitic? No matter, Rahm alleged it was and so it was taken up by the media as such.

Posing as a victim of anti-Semitism immeasurably helped Emanuel gain sympathy with a lavish free media spread. In fact, Emanuel’s road warriors were trumpeting the untrue charge themselves to stir up grassroots passion. Kaczak apologized time and again for the goof-up of her supporter but Emanuel wasn’t satisfied. Along with 200 Water Department taxpayer-paid “volunteers,” the gaffe led to his defeating the much better qualified Kaczak in the Democratic primary...MORE...LINK

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