Monday, January 04, 2010

Judeofascist-Left mass murderer Trotsky's special appeal to the Jewish-Left: Jewish power

Adam Kirsch: Trotsky, the firebrand
(National Post) -- By Adam Kirsch --

When Leon Trotsky was assassinated by an agent of Stalin in 1940, American novelist James T. Farrell took to the pages of Partisan Review to memorialize him. “The life of Leon Trotsky is one of the great tragic dramas of modern history,” Farrell’s obituary began. “Pitting his brain and will against the despotic rulers of a great empire, fully conscious of the power, the resources, the cunning and cruelty of his enemy, Trotsky had one weapon at his command — his ideas. His courage never faltered; his will never broke.”

To his American admirers, Trotsky appeared as a kind of Soviet Garibaldi, fighting for freedom against an evil empire. The problem, as Robert Service shows in his new biography Trotsky, is that Trotsky was one of the men chiefly responsible for that evil. In the October Revolution of 1917, he was second to Lenin in leading the Bolshevik coup to success. In the years of civil war that followed, Trotsky, as commissar for the Red Army, designed the campaigns that inflicted horrific suffering on civilians. None of the Soviet leaders outdid him in zeal for collectivization and terror, or in his commitment to spreading the revolution. Service sums up Trotsky this way: “He was close to Stalin in intentions and practice. He was no more likely than Stalin to create a society of humanitarian socialism … He reveled in terror.”

How, then, did Trotsky become a symbol of a more humane and democratic communism? In part, as Service writes, it was because of the left’s “naivety. They were blind to Trotsky’s contempt for their values.” But for the Jewish intellectuals who clustered around Partisan Review, he was an especially irresistible figure, since Trotsky was the most powerful Jewish intellectual who ever lived. This part of Trotsky’s legacy is a significant chapter in the political history of American Jews, and Trotsky helps explain the allure and the danger of the mass murderer who was affectionately known to his followers as “the Old Man.”...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Ironic, isn't it? Jewry today, and perpetually, demands that the West thoroughly repudiate Hitler and his evil attitudes -- something Western civilization had already done when it sacrificed millions in fighting WWII against Nazism and Fascism -- yet the Jewish Left (and most Marxists) refuse to repudiate the evil Judeofascist mass murderer Trotsky and other Judeofascist mass murders like Kaganovich, Yagoda and Yezhov, whose acts and ideology were largely responsible for the rise of Fascism and its murderous anti-Semitism to begin with. And what about the Neocons? They barely acknowledge their own roots in the Judeofascist-Left, and become outraged when any connection is made between Soviet mass murder and the Holocaust.

Pure hypocrisy.

Not surprisingly, then, the Judeofascist Zionist movement demands Islamic civilization repudiate terrorism against Israel, but refuses to repudiate Jewish terror against Palestinians, and in fact ignores or denies it altogether, just as it denies the "critical" Zionist role in instigating and engineering the mass-murderous Iraq war.

Judeofascists can always see the fault in others, but suddenly go blind, deaf, and outraged when the log in their own eye is pointed out.

Can such murderous, irrational aggression ever be appeased, or is it best isolated and contained?

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