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Zionism and the convergence of American and Jewish fascism

“Us” versus “them”: on the meaning of fascism
(Redress) -- By Roger Tucker --

...Another clear, albeit bizarre, example is Israel, which would no doubt quickly implode without the requisite unifying principle of an external enemy with which the nation must always be at war, or preparing for war. I refer to it as Jewish fascism because it predates the Zionist project. When I was in Hebrew school in the early 1950s, in preparation for my bar mitzvah, I thought I should read the Old Testament. What struck me was that much of it conformed to what we were being taught was the essence of fascism, though I didn't make much of it at the time. Although I haven't read it, it appears that the Talmud, the primary scripture of the Orthodox ashkenazim, is a veritable manual of Jewish fascism.2

Israel is exceptional in a number of ways:

1. It is the only nation that has ever been deliberately created with the express purpose of occupying foreign territory through the ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants.

2. It is the only nation that required the invention of a "people" to carry out such a settler/colonialist project.3

3. It is the only nation to have invented a religion (the Holycause) to complement its secular political ideology (Zionism).

4. It is the only nation that is wholly parasitical, dependent on extorting the economic means to survive from other societies that it (or its agents in other countries) has effectively subverted.

Thus, Israel combines three convergent forms of fascism: ethnocentric (based on mytho-history much like the Nazi notion of an Aryan race); religious (nominally Jewish, although its founders were secular. Following the 1940s the place of Judaism as the sustaining religious identity was essentially replaced by Holocaustism, complete with a Holy Inquisition.); and, of course, virulently nationalistic.

Fortuitously for the Jewish fascists, or maybe not so coincidentally.4 an extremely powerful ally emerged from within the American fascist world, the Christian Zionists. Although essentially a doomsday cult, it numbers, conservatively, 40-50 million Americans eager for Israel to build the Second Temple, thereby paving the way to Armageddon. At this point American and Jewish fascism appear to have converged into an aggressive pathological force that, considering Israel's nuclear arsenal, endangers humanity more than any such phenomenon in the past. Both Americans and Jews have made extraordinary positive contributions to world civilization, but a ruthless and predatory American imperialism and fascistic Zionism we can do without...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I appreciate articles like the above in that the verify the existence of Judeofascism, and Tucker, apparently a liberal, is correct as far as he goes. What I dislike about articles like this is that they don't go far enough in their indictment of America's fascist relationship with Israel to include the Democratic Party, the left-liberals and the socialists -- all of whom were far more crucial to the rise of Judeofascism than conservatives in that it was their design to insert traditionally hard-Left Jews into the seats of power and the establishment in America all along in order do here what they also did in the fledgling Soviet Union: take over the system on behalf of "the Left." The revolutionary Jews were viewed as the ruthless intellectual and hierarchical vanguard in equal partnership with Gentile rank and file masses, who would all gloriously ride into the brave new world of post-Christian, post-tribal camaraderie together.

In their gullibility, obtuseness, and perhaps being blinded by sheer ambition and vindictiveness, the Gentile Left chose not to see that cells of left-wing Jews had already calcified into Judeofascist formations early on in both the Soviet Union and when they came poring into America and the Levant from decaying Soviet Russia. (The Neocons, for example, were Trotskyites when they were new to America's shores, but already carried with them the seeds of Jewish insularity and supremacy. And of course, most Jewish Neoliberals differ from the Neocons only in degree of opaqueness and honesty about their true loyalties, intentions and agenda, with the Neocons simply being slightly less clever and manipulative, and more manlike and frank.)

I note that Tucker, so quick to condemn the Christian Zionists, doesn't record that the highest echelons of the Democratic Party are hugely disproportionately run by Judeofascists and influenced and dictated to by Judeofascist money, nor that the Democratic Party has been increasingly under their leadership and influence for decades.

This is significant, because it is one way we are kept from addressing the roots of the problem -- by being instructed that it is a phenomenon entirely of the Right. This is belied by the fact that more Jewish Zionists were swept into Congressional power on Obama's coattails than in any previous time in America's history. This is because Jewish Zionists hold such sway in the Left and over today's Democratic Party -- far more than they hold over the American Right. There is only one Jewish Republican in Congress (but, indeed, this is counterbalanced by the large number of Christian Zionists.)

Perhaps it is a malfunction or blind spot in left-liberal thinking that prevents them from seeing the Judeofascists in their midst, or perhaps it is a manifestation of the arrested development common to the left that liberals refuse to see them. Whatever the case, the Left -- always so vulnerable to a good sob story (and Jewish opportunists weave sob stories better than anyone) will probably never have the cajones to confront Judeofascism head on. Indeed, the economic parasitism that Tucker notes above as one of the signature characteristics of Israel's fascism is also one of the primary characteristics of left-wing economics -- the entire left-wing sense of entitlement at someone else's work and expense.

The Left can hardly condemn Israel for being a perpetual-welfare parasite when its own entire economic conception is built upon similar assumptions -- that welfare can be had by everyone forever by simply printing the money to pay for it.

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