Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zionist-Left media in U.S. angling to scapegoat Christians for economic collapse far more convincingly traced to you-know-who

The World Through Rosin-Colored Glasses
(The Ugly Truth) -- By Mark Glenn --

“My view of history was that billions of people who lived and suffered and died were no more than extras in a Jewish drama, and that human experience was really Jewish experience. I came to believe that the anti-Semites were right, except in the reverse; that the Jews did secretly control the world, but benevolently. How else to explain the Holocaust if not as evil trying to destroy the source of all good? I was ready to concede that there were decent people who weren’t Jews, but decent peoples? Only the Jews.” — Yossi Klein Halevi, author of ‘Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist.’

...Now, we have a new twist being added to the tapestry that no doubt will be augmented in the years to come, and from no less than Hanna Rosin, contributing editor for a whole slew of pro-Israel publications including The Atlantic Magazine, the New Republic and others. Born in Israel, she is a died-in-the-wool/solid-gold Zionista who pulls out all the stops when it comes to protecting “home sweet home”, including defending (or outright denying) the various massacres her cousins have perpetrated in the region as well as vociferously waging a disinfo campaign in hiding/excusing raw Jewish power in political circles.

As of late Mz Rosin has “made her bones” as a writer (I use that term loosely) pontificating on what horrible creatures Christians are while at the same time making clear her preference for all things Jewish. Her most recent piece appearing in The Atlantic entitled “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” is quite telling as to where all this is going.

The “crash” she is of course referring to here is the economic house of cards tumbling down at terminal velocity in America. In her piece she center-stages a handful of “prosperity Gospel” churches as the main culprits as to why America’s economy is only barely alive and on life-support.

After reading the title, the first thought any sane person must entertain is that she obviously dipped into the Mogen David a little too heavily before sitting down to write this. Has she not heard the latest breaking news involving characters such as Bernie Madoff or the fact that the financial/banking institutions in both America and throughout the West are held by Jews and not Christians?” I mean, after all, names such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Ben Shalom Bernanke et al are not likely the kind you’ll run into at some get-together of Irish Catholics.

The other obvious reaction that one in his or her right mind must experience when considering the title of this piece is the blatant sense of hypocrisy surrounding it. If some daring soul posed the perfectly-apropos question “Did Judaism Case The Crash?” (pointing out that “despoiling” non-Judaites of their property is an old family practice going all the way back to the Old Testament story in the book of Exodus) we all know what the reaction would be from the usual circles. All persons involved with the publication of such a piece, from the Chief editor at such-and-such publishing house to the janitor to the mail carriers who delivered the subscriptions would find themselves the lucky winners of a first-class ticket to hell on earth as a tsunami of Jewish complaints and death threats would ensue.

When it is a Jew making the accusations however (and even with as inane and illogical as the accusations are) and posing the question in such a way that Christians (or anyone else for that matter) are in the hot seat, well, that’s ok. As they have demonstrated on occasions too numerous to count, there is one set of rules for them and another set for everyone else.

It is interesting to note that Mz. Rosin’s curiosity in this matter has somehow brought her to the front door of a few Christian churches in America rather than at the synagogues. In the first case, trying to make the argument that somehow a handful of buck-toothed, greasy-headed Christian preachers with the obligatory speech/intellectual impediment causing them to say such words as “nookular” have somehow managed to cause the meltdown of the world’s largest and most powerful economy rather than the fact that the lion’s share of banking/lending power in the US is firmly in the hands of Jewish interests can only be seen as an example of willful blindness on her part.

But then again, this is how the ball bounces in that peculiar playground known as the Jewish mindset. When one sees the world through Rosin-colored glasses, anything is possible, no matter how inane or irrational. Keep in mind that in the aftermath of 9/11 and how the talk immediately turned to ‘WHY?’ and some dared state the obvious–namely that it was America’s slavish devotion to Jewish interests (land theft and bloodletting) in the Middle East that was responsible–all the well-trained attack dogs from Jewish circles immediately went to work barking out the “they hate us for our freedom“ horse manure. Likewise with the recent interview on Larry King Live, where Congressman Ron Paul dared mention the fact that the reason “they” hate us over there is because America has murdered over a million innocent Muslims in the Middle East and Ben Stein immediately has to categorize Paul’s comments as–surprise, surprise–”anti-Semitic”.

So how is it then that this (assumingly) well-educated woman who writes for some of the biggest newspapers and periodicals in the country comes up with a whopper like this?

Again, it is a very simple explanation–‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war…’, and not just a program of deceiving would-be Gentile victims, but self-deception on the part of the Jewish community itself as well.

As the Jews see themselves, they are the perpetual good guy, beloved by God, incapable of doing wrong. The character played by Jeff Goldblum in the movie Independence Day” of a nerdy, humble, smart, nice Jewish boy who saves the world from a race of maniacal extraterrestrials wasn’t put in the script just for giggles. This is how they view themselves, both on a personal and collective basis.

This being the case, when reality does not jibe with the fantasy world they have created within their own collective consciousness, well then reality must be changed. Therefore as the world’s economy goes into crash mode and the main characters involved in it all have as a commonality amongst themselves the fact they are all members of the most elite and exclusive of all fraternal orders–meaning they are Jewish, well, then the script simply HAS to be re-written, and therefore, enter stage left Mz Hanna Rosin and her ridiculous piece on how a handful of Christian congregations are responsible for all the economic mayhem.

As overly-simplistic as it sounds, the fact nevertheless is that the Jews are a people who base their entire identity (both on an individual and collective basis) on pure fantasy. For thousands of years they have been nursed on this strange hallucinogenic milk of fairy tales involving forefathers who heard voices in their heads telling them to slay their own children, prostitute their wives and daughters, rob other nations of their wealth and land and wage genocide upon innocent, otherwise peaceable people.

This being the case, what more are we to expect from the Hanna Rosins of the world who try to sell a sow’s ear as a silk purse by blaming the world‘s economic problems on a handful of Christian preachers too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel? When you are dealing with a group of people who honestly believe WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS the nonsense that the creator of all life in the universe actually holds this microscopic group of self-appointed supermen above everything else in all known creation, why then would they NOT be prone to twisting and bending reality to suit the peculiar vision they maintain in their collective heads? Most people think the reason Jews dominate the business of entertainment and media purely for political/cultural reasons (meaning brainwashing the masses so as to make them more pliable) which is partly true. The truth however is that Jews live in a world of fantasy, which explains why their magnetic pull towards an industry where they can mold reality more to their liking through the artificial means of film and media...MORE...LINK

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