Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zionist elements in Canadian government target Christian social welfare groups under pretext of "anti-Semitism"

Canada cuts funding to anti-Israel groups
Pro-Palestinian, Christian groups among those targeted by Canadian government

(Y Net) -- By Roni Rachmani --

VANCOUVER – The Canadian government has recently decided to cut back or entirely withdraw the funding to organizations that encourage a boycott of Israel or Israeli products, including pro-Palestinian and Christian groups.

One such organization is the Kairos welfare agency, which lost $7 million – half of its annual budget. Kairos is a social apparatus serving 11 Catholic and Protestant groups and churches promoting the "liberation theology" within the Canadian legal and educational establishments.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said that the agency's budget was cut back in light of its anti-Semitic positions, adding the group preaches for recognition of such terror organizations as Hamas and Hezbollah while rejecting the Jewish people's right for a state.

Kairos denied Kenney's claims and charged that the Canadian government's decision was motivated by political considerations. It further argued that criticism of Israel should not be regarded as anti-Semitism...MORE...LINK

Flashbak: Canadian "public servant" Kenney travels to Jerusalem and declares Canadian Christians "anti-Semitic" enemies of the state

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