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For opportunistic Zionists, recognition of other holocausts comes down to one question: Is it good for the Jews?

Robert Fisk’s World: Israel can no longer ignore the existence of the first Holocaust
Recognition of the Armenian genocide is a paramount moral and educational act
(The Independent) -- By Robert Fisk --

While Israelis commemorated the second Holocaust of the 20th century this week, I was in the Gulbenkian library in Jerusalem, holding the printed and handwritten records of the victims of the century's first Holocaust. It was a strange sensation.

The Armenians were not participating in Israel's official ceremonies to remember the six million Jewish dead, murdered by the Germans between 1939 and 1945, perhaps because Israel officially refuses to acknowledge that Armenia's million and a half dead of 1915-1923 were victims of a Turkish Holocaust. Israeli-Turkish diplomatic and military relations are more important than genocide. Or were.

George Hintlian, historian and prominent member of Jerusalem's 2,000-strong Armenian community in Jerusalem, pointed out the posters a few metres from the 1,500-year old Armenian monastery. They advertised Armenia's 24 April commemorations. All but one had been defaced, torn from the ancient walls or, in at least one case, spraypainted with graffiti in Hebrew. "Maybe they don't like it that there was another genocide," George told me. "These are things we can't explain." More than 70 members of George's family were murdered in the butchery and death marches of 1915 – when German officers witnessed the system of executions, rail-car deportations to cholera camps and asphyxiation by smoke in caves – the world's first "gas" chambers. One witness, the German vice-consul in Erzurum, Max von Scheubner-Richter, ended up as one of Hitler's closest friends and advisers. It's not as if there's no connection between the first and second Holocausts.

But the times, they are a-changing. For ever since Turkey began shouting about Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza a year ago, prominent Israeli figures have suddenly rediscovered the Armenian genocide. Who are the Turks to talk about mass murder? Has anyone forgotten 1915? For George and his compatriots – there are in all 10,000 Armenians in Israel and the occupied West Bank, 4,000 of them holding Israeli passports – they had indeed been forgotten until the Gaza war. "In 1982, the Armenians were left out of a Holocaust conference in Jerusalem," he said. "For three decades, no documentary on the Armenian genocide could be shown on Israeli television because it would offend the Turks. Then suddenly last year, important Israelis demanded that a documentary be shown. Thirty Knesset members supported us. We always had Yossi Sarid of Peace Now but now we've got right-wing Israelis."

This piece of brash hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by Yossi Sarid who has described how, a few months after Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the Gaza war, "an important Israeli personality telephoned me and said the following: 'Now you have to hit back at the Turks, to denounce them for the crimes they committed against the Armenians You, Yossi, have the right to do so...'" Sarid was appalled. "I was filled with revulsion and my soul wanted to puke," he wrote in Haaretz. "The person who telephoned me was an example of the ugly Israeli who had disgracefully been at the forefront of those who denied the Armenian Holocaust." So now "new tunes" – Sarid's phrase – are being heard in Jerusalem: "The Turks are the last ones who have the right to teach us ethics."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

And lets not forget the second holocaust, the one perpetrated by the Stalinists and Jewish Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union against the Ukrainians called the Holodomor -- also denied by the Zionists for self-serving purposes.

Additionally, let's not forget the reports that many of the Young Turks who engineered the Aremenian holocaust were themselves crypto-Jews. In fact, there are a couple of books about the Dönme -- Sephardic Jews who converted to Islam but maintained their secret Jewish identity and associations. Here's a passage from a magazine article that encapsulates the history and the books called The Other Secret Jews from the Jewish magazine Tablet.
"Most important, several Dönme were leading members of the Committee for Union and Progress, the revolutionary party known as the Young Turks, who in 1908 forced the Sultan to grant a constitution. The Dönme, like Jews and Freemasons, sympathized with the CUP’s scientific, reformist program, though Baer emphasizes that the CUP was not a Dönme party—any more than the Russian Bolsheviks, though they included many Jews, were a Jewish party. Even so, some prominent Young Turks were Dönme, including the editor of the Party’s newspaper and the finance minister in the new CUP government."
Funny how Jewish conspirators love to brag about prominent roles played by Jews who organized as Jews in plots for revolutionary upheaval that end in mass murder, but deny that Judeofascism plays any role whatsoever in their murderous outcomes.

It's also interesting that these diaspora Jewish revolutionary groups demand constitutions supposedly guaranteeing equal rights for all, but then implement governments that end up securing special rights and privileges for Jewish cliques that go on to carry out mass murder of non-Jews (and Jewry then professes to believe that history has been so rough on the Jewish people simply because they are different.) And in the case of Israel, the Jews refuse to write and implement a constitution at all because the articles of the state already grant special favoritism to Jews, hence a constitution of rights for all citizens would water down Jewish privilege.

Given all these facts, it becomes clear that not only are Gentile supporters of Judeofascism helping to set up Jewish-supremacist societies the world over, but they are also helping to cut the throats of their own progeny by doing so. I guess certain kinds of trash will do anything for money, power and temporal luxuries.

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