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How traditional Christianity protected the West's development and integrity by weeding out usurious predators and corrupting collectivists

Charles Dodgson’s “For God and the Reconquest of the West!”
(Occidental Observer Blog) -- By Kevin MacDonald --

...Dodgson provides an excellent point about “the truth of Christian universalism. … Just as the Church protects parental rights and the autonomy and dignity of families, so it should defend national rights. It would be wrong for Chinese bishops to promote mass foreign immigration to China, or for Japanese monks to undermine Japanese homogeneity. ”

But his main point is that we have to think historically. And in that regard, there is no question that the Christianity has had a vital role in the development of the West. Here Dodgson goes into a great many positive aspects of the Christian legacy of which the following is only a partial listing:

"Not for nothing was the West known as Christendom. The Church acted to save bodies and posterity as well as souls. It blessed new knights in the ceremony of knighthood, sanctified the new code of chivalry that forbade harming civilians and enacted the first codified rules of war. War was justified when it advanced Christendom — an ethnic-friendly legitimization that reduced or at least regulated fighting among Christians and culminated in the Crusaders’ attempt to wrest Near Eastern lands of the Eastern Roman Empire back from the Arabs. The Church defended the ordinary man from a parasitic aristocracy. It helped forge nations with responsible governments. It protected the mass of the people from enemies without and within. The English Church promoted the expulsion of Jews — who had become a predatory financial elite — from the country in 1290 as a pastoral duty, also a trend elsewhere in Western Europe. Throughout Europe the Church was Gentiles’ repository of sophisticated culture, of literacy and record keeping. It was indispensible for governance, advising kings and educating princes. It prevented the Jews from monopolizing the niche of trans-generational literary group strategy. It underwrote the earliest stirrings of modern science. The university, one of the greatest creations of the West, was founded under the Church’s auspices. Professors were priests of learning. Gregor Mendel was an ethnic German monk!"

Some of this touches on themes of anti-Semitism in Ch. 4 of Separation and Its Discontents:

"The Church was at the apogee of its power over secular affairs during the 13th century, and an important aspect of the economic policy of the Church was to remove Jews from the economic life of Christendom. “It was not sheer accident” (Cohen 1982, 41) that both the Dominicans and the Franciscans developed a Christian theology of commerce and trade or that St. Francis was often described as the patron saint of merchants. Jordan (1989, 27) describes the efforts of the Church to remove Jews from the economic life of France in the 12th through the 14th centuries as an aspect of its program to develop a corporate Christian economic community by pushing Jews out of occupations and professions they formerly engaged in. Similarly, in England the Christianization of national life excluded Jews from public administration, trade, and agriculture (Rabinowitz 1938, 37). This suggests that the rise of gentile middle classes in Western Europe was facilitated by the exclusion of Jews by the medieval Church as an exclusionary, collectivist entity (see also PTSDA, Ch. 8)...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Notice I chose "traditional" Christianity for the headline to this link, which excludes dispensationalist Christian Zionism -- a relatively modern phenomenon completely out of alignment with the traditional Christianity of Western civilization, and one that is, in my opinion, as corrupting, degenerative, corrosive and subversive as Marxism, leftism, left-liberalism and money-worshipping corporatism.

Moreover, the influence and general assumptions inherent in the Christian Zionist ethos were nearly as integral in lying America into the Iraq war as was the Israel lobby. The quote from biological terrorist Bruce Ivins I recently added to the top right-hand corner of this site ("By blood and faith, Jews are God's chosen, and have no need for 'dialogue' with any gentile") pretty much concisely captures their motives, assumptions, and operating ethic, just as the actions of Bruce Ivins himself demonstrates their subversiveness, hatred, and threat to the Christian peace. They seem to view themselves as Zionism's junior partners, and behave accordingly -- right down to their stiff-necked bigotry, greed, dishonesty, and cheshire cat-terrorist inclinations.
Dispensationalist (anti-Christian) Judeo-Christian Zionist Bruce Ivins' debonair demeanor and Cheshire-cat grin masked a raging madman whose false-flag, biological terrorism would help hoodwink America into the Iraq war

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