Tuesday, March 23, 2010

British Muslims increasingly realize warmongering Judeofascist agitators and their political Zionism collaborators are enemy #1

Zionist Hate Preacher David Toube Goes Mental on Camera
(MPAC UK) --

(By MPAC UK) -- This insightful video which seems to have gone around the Muslim circuit and has finally appeared on the MPACUK website, shows the owner of one of Britain's largest anti-Muslim hate sites called Harry's Place, trying to hijack an event that highlighted the suffering of Muslim victims of torture. Note: how he attacks Palestinian groups and then claims he is outraged about Muslim extremism.

Pretty rich for a supporter of the Nazi-state of Israel.

The owner, a chap called David Toube, is a Jewish Zionist, now seems pretty embarrassed by his antics and was so desperate this video not see the light of day that he even threatened Muslim sites with legal action if they did not remove it!

This Islamophobic bigot is well known to Muslim groups, but little known to the wider community (thanks to Muslim groups being more interested in talks about leather socks). His site however is a perfect insight into the Zionist mind, a thin cover of respectability in order to mask the strategic agenda of Israel's propagandists.

Well worth a trip to his site, just so you can see how much a pro-Israeli extremist like Toube really hates us. The site is constantly pushing hatred against Muslims and is not only large but well organised. Check out some of the hundreds of vile Islamophobic hate-filled comments posted by the many Zionist fanatics who visit his site too! (Islamophobia that far out does anything that you have seen by the far right).

David Toube seems not to want to get this video out. Let's see how long before he contacts us demanding we take it down.

Till then, enjoy!

Worth noting: Muslims need to wake up to the hatred against their community by Zionists, who are far more dangerous and active then the BNP and yet less spoken about and less well known...LINK

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