Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where's the uproar? Zionists and Judeophiles have successfully engineered Jewish supremacist double standards in the UK (and America, too)

Jewish or British?
(By hotterthanapileofcurry) --

Why is it that Muslims here in the UK are constantly harangued to pledge and show their undying love and commitment to Great Britain, especially whenever there’s a political storm caused by yet another staged terrorist act.

Reading the Guardian recently, I chanced upon the following;

The prospect of Britain and Israel going to war is an unlikely one. At the orthodox Jewish school that I attended, however, it must have seemed like a distinct possibility. We used to regularly debate which side we would fight for.

Although steeped in religious observance, we had been born in England, grew up here, and developed strong allegiances to English football teams. We spoke little modern Hebrew and had been to Israel just a handful of times.

Nevertheless, the feeling was unanimous: we would take up arms on behalf of the Jewish state.

Many of my schoolmates volunteered for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) after completing their A-levels and my younger brother, Zack, was among them.
So, where’s the uproar?

Why aren’t the Jewish members of our community held to the same standards you set for the Muslims?

There are plenty of dual izzy/brit passport holders that have represented the IDF and have served in campaigns of terror to kill and brutalise the indigenous population of Palestine, and yet there’s never any finger waving in their direction.

Doesn’t Tebbit’s cricket test apply to them?

Or perhaps Britain still remembers when it’s army was literally slaughtered by Jewish terrorists whilst it was supposed to be protecting Palestine.

All this at a time when the izzies have given a middle finger salute to the UN, Europe, Australia – and now the USA.

The zionist state does not care one iota about anyone but itself, it is a state founded on terror and continues to be a state sponsor of international terrorism.

It thrives on continuing theft of lands seized from its neighbours at gun-point, and will stick two fingers up at all international laws and contraventions that remind it of its illegal occupation.

All these obfuscatory hasbara attempts at creating a decent image for the zionist regime are minimal no matter how clever the spin.

Your lies and deceit are too obvious and people are wising up to see through them...LINK

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