Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Another Israeli sock puppet: Fox News Jewish Zionist neocon Kristol wants America to attack Iran so Israel doesn't have to

Kristol: ‘Better’ for US to attack Iran than if Israel did
(Raw Story) -- By David Edwards and Gavin Dahl --

The Obama administration should be seriously considering a strike on Iran, according to neoconservative Fox News contributor Bill Kristol.

An Israeli Deputy Defense Minister said last week that he expected Israel would have to attack Iran within a year. Kristol believes it would be better for the US to attack first.

"I think we have to have a credible threat of force and the preparation to use force against Iran. It would be much better if we used force against -- to delay the Iranian nuclear program than if Israel did and there is no evidence that the US government is being at all serious about the use force there," Kristol told Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday.

Nina Easton, also appearing on the Fox News Sunday panel, quickly rebuked Kristol. "Use of force. You say that so blithely as if use of force -- what happens to next day after the use of force?" she asked. "I think it behooves us to get the international community together. You have to have sanctions and you have to have a clear threat of force."...

"Look, precisely because the consequences are so serious whether we use force or Israel uses force, a serious and responsible US government must think that through and play that out," he responded. "I would say the Obama administration is so adverse to even hinting at the use of force that we don't have the kinds of preparations we should have if Israel were to strike."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

These Jewish Zionist "Americans" are utterly shameless. Clearly, Israel is deeply insecure about attacking Iran itself, particularly given the Lebanon war disaster in 2006, when Hezbollah, backed by Iran, was able to run Israel and its supposedly vaunted military out of their country in just over a month (although the Zionist snakes were able to seed the Lebanon countryside with cluster bombs that killed and maimed a lot of children after they left). Iran also has a defense pact with Syria, yet another enemy on its border that Israel has painstakingly created through its Jewish Zionist racism and arrogance, and between the two, Iran could strike a major blow into the heart of Israel without lifting a finger if Israel were to undertake a war of aggression against Iran.

Solution? Send in Jewish "American" Zionist fifth columnists like Kristol to lobby for the U.S. to undertake a war of aggression against Iran in order to get American soldiers killed to preserve Israel's Mideast hegemony instead of Jewish Zionist Israelis.

The problem with this is Iran has already stated that it would treat an American attack on Iran the exact same way it would treat an Israeli attack on Iran. In other words, this time the Israeli Jewish Zionists will pay a price for engineering an American war in the Mideast, whereas the last American war they engineered there -- against Iraq -- didn't cost them one soldier.

It must be hell for American soldiers, knowing these fifth column Jewish Zionist snakes have them dancing on strings by way of the corrupt U.S. politicians that are themselves dancing on strings operated by the Israel lobby -- as if Americans haven't sacrificed enough blood and treasure already in wars for Israel. But anyone who believes treacherous Jewish Zionist snakes and their traitorous goy collaborators will ever be sated short of physically wrenching their vampire fangs out of the American body politic is living in dream land.


Chu said...

I think were bound to see a change with this corrupt Zionist regime and their treasonous friends in the US. I give it five or ten years with the rate of public awareness.
All the senator's and congressmen will have to play dumb when it all unfolds. I can see it now, the ones who just tag along for AIPAC money will say they didn't know. And hopefully snakes like Schumer and company, will make Alyiah and they can plan there schemes from Tel Aviv.

Chris Moore said...

"All the senator's and congressmen will have to play dumb when it all unfolds."

And they'll probably get away with it. We really don't have political leaders in this country. We have politicians who simply perpetuate the status quo until it gets so corrupt they can't get away with it any longer, and then they act like they're as outraged by the corruption as is the outraged public. -- CM