Monday, May 10, 2010

More Jewish supremacy in the Democratic Party: Obama appoints yet one more Jewish authoritarian to yet one more powerful, society-shaping position

Kagan appointment shows, Jews are the new WASPs
(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

"Behind the law are people's stories," Barack Obama said today in nominating Solicitor General Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court opening. He bragged on her bringing diversity and being the grandchild of immigrants, but didn't mention that she's Jewish. Already today two reporters on National Public Radio, both Jewish (I think), did. Nina Totenberg and Ari Shapiro said there will be no Protestants on the Court when John Paul Stevens leaves. Assuming Kagan gets in, there will be three Jews (all appointed by liberal Democratic presidents), and several Catholics.

The Kagan appointment means that we have entered a period in which Jews are equal members, if not actually predominant members, of the American Establishment. Obama's two closest political advisers are Jewish, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, and are said to be his foreign-policy braintrust. The economy is supervised to a large degree by Jewish appointees, Larry Summers and Fed Reserve Board chair Paul Bernanke (Time's man of the year last year, a selection overseen by Rick Stengel, the Time magazine editor, who is also Jewish).

Recently a Jewish friend in the media said, "We're the new WASPs," referring to the patrician class that used to represent the elite in American society...

People don't talk about Jewish achievement because they fear that doing so will breed anti-Semitic reaction. I grew up hearing that Jewish prevalence in the U.S. professions was just what it was in Europe before the Holocaust. But this is not actually true: Today in the U.S., Jewish prominence exceeds the Jewish presence in Europe, because today we are leaders in many fields, we are granted governing powers. Elena Kagan was the dean of Harvard Law School. She was succeeded by another Jewish woman.

This is a glorious Jewish and American moment. Never before in history have Jews been so included, so trusted, as we are in the U.S. People know this and accept it. Americans like Jews in powerful positions. How else do you explain the number of Jewish senators, from places like Wisconsin, Oregon, and Minnesota?...MORE...LINK

eee [in comments]: "...Jews are 2.2% of the population of the US. That means that if there were no different than the gentile population there would be 2.2% times 9 or 0.2 Jewish supreme court judges. When there are 3 judges, there would be 3 divided by 0.2 or 15 times as many Jewish judges as expected. Are Jewish families 15 times more bookish, cohesive anti-alcohol etc. than gentile families? Of course not. We can repeat this analysis in other areas where Jews are predominant and get similar results..."

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Chu said...

This guy is such a joke. He claims he's Israeli, but he is some hack from Brooklyn who wants to be called an Israeli, because he is such a traitor. All he says is "you Americans did it to the Indians, so why can't we?"
He doesn't want to be percieve as a traitor, so he lies.

someone called him a Oleh poser yesterday: "First off, if you were actually an Israeli, not an Oleh poser, you’d know that the term “Jeep” is interchangeably for most 4×4 vehicles, much in the same way Kleenex is synonymous with tissues. "

Chris Moore said...

Hi Chu,

No doubt "eee" is filled with treason. But the reason I posted his comment was because it was a good question that those lefties on Mondoweiss refused to answer: why so much Jewish over-representation at the highest levels of American society? The answer, of course, is that they are ethnocentric, nepotistic, Jewish supremacist networkers -- which the Mondoweiss lefties didn't want to say, because Jewry is also the engine of the left-liberalism, and over-representative of the left-liberal establishment and their own agenda, as well.

Philip Weiss' theory is that if Israel was shut down, all would be well. This is patent nonsense. Jewish supremicism, whether Zionism in Israel or Bolshevism in the diaspora, is a reality that won't somehow disappear if Israel does. In fact, it will probably get worse, as it did in the early Soviet Union. But lefties can't admit that because it would be admitting their entire ideology has itself been used as a tool of Jewish supremacism, and still is in the diaspora to this day.

My theory (which I think we agree on) is that it should all be contained in Israel. I'd like to see Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians utilized as the orderlies -- and well compensated for their trouble. But nihilistic lefties want to see it run amok and wreak havoc in the West in pursuit of their own left-wing agenda.

They're irresponsible, selfish, immature and just plain dumb. They know nothing about the history of Jewish Bolshevism and its murder of millions, and don't want to know.

Chu said...


I agree that Mondo started his blog to inform the public of Israel’s criminal behavior and improve the image of Jews. He’s stated it often that it’s his goal to get Judaism on the right track again! But he may realize this issue of Supremacism, ethnocentrism, avarice and contempt for other races is endemic of the collective tribe - at least the ones who hold the power. Sure there are many who oppose the actions of the collective, like Phil, but they are seen as outcasts, like Goldstone – another Moser. And discussions of Bolshevism is a no-no on his site. I have rarely heard a peep about it from Phil’s posts and I believe he has a tough time with that issue. It’s historical evidence that will not be discussed, but it’s part of the bigger picture.

Take Richy Witty, the compulsive liar, who really buys into the whole song and dance about liberal Zionism. His arguments are one dimensional, and Wondering Jew is none the better. On a blog recently the Wonderer stated how the Tanach is such a superb piece of literature, while the Koran is mediocre at best – he also got his digs in on the New Testament. It just goes to show you what type of people you are dealing with, when they really tell you what’s on their mind. I can’t say anything about eee, he is a gift to the site. He really takes his victim-hood and accusations to the next level. Phil has shut out so many other voices, but the trolls are really getting a foothold now.

This Elena Kagan issue is a complete sham. She was appointed this position based on nepotism. Barack needed to throw some pork to the Zionist network and in walks this unqualified slob. She has written nothing of importance, and James Petras covers it well in his recent article. Greenwald has been calling her for what she is, without offending the liberal media, by avoiding the nepotism charge. He doesn’t even need to bring that up, her case is so full of holes. And, also unique with Kagan was how some of the news had taken polls and said religion was not an issue with the justices, and so be it! The media has spoken, case closed.

I don’t see the tide turning anytime soon. I am not sure whether it’s that people have been well trained not to be a critic of others ‘religion’ or they just haven’t really accepted the conspiracy for what it is. Arlen Spector has lost his lead in PA (another party switcher, but hey, it worked for Joe) I think these two clowns will be voted out and it may start the purging of these Zionists from the face of politics. But they’ll always have their campaign contributions to control the puppet Congress. Boxer and Grayson are the worst examples of hypocrisy in their party.

Although, the tide may turn quickly if the Israel strike on Iran goes forward, I think country may realize they will be suckered into another war, and vote out the Zionist posers, that put loyalty to this country behind the priorities of Judaism.