Friday, June 04, 2010

The burden of Israel

(Occidental Observer Blog) -- By Kevin MacDonald --

The Obama administration continues to insist that Israel is not a burden to the US, but even the LA Times came out with an article showing describing the problems that Israel presents to the US. (Print version headline: “Raid throws a wrench in U.S. agenda“). The article lists several current foreign policy problems exacerbated by the raid:

» US-sponsored peace talks in the region (despite the fact that Israel has no interest in peace);
» US drive for new U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran (in other words, Israel has made it more difficult for the US to advance Israel’s agenda);
» Complications with the US relationship with Turkey which is “a NATO member and has been important to U.S. military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan” (several Turkish nationals were killed in the raid, and the ships sailed under Turkish flags);
» Difficulties in the US push for nuclear non-proliferation given that Israel is well-known to have nuclear weapons: “other countries demanded that Israel take a more active role in the effort to reduce nuclear arms, a reference to the atomic arsenal Israel has never acknowledged possessing.”...

What’s remarkable about this article is that it doesn’t quote the usual well-placed Zionist fanatics in the media who claim that Israel is a great asset to the US. Glib talk about the benefits of Israel to the US will be more difficult to maintain with a straight face. But of course those concerned about their political future will continue to do so:
U.S. officials say they do not view their relationship with Israel as a burden, regardless of criticism from the Middle East, Europe or elsewhere.

“Let me be clear here,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday. “We have a trusted relationship. They’re an important ally. And we are greatly supportive of their security. That’s not going to change.”


AmusedEuro [in comments]: "The US cannot afford to occupy the Middle East forever, and when we are gone, China is likely to take over. While us occupying might be the ideal situation, all factions agree that’s impossible, so the question is what happens when we leave? Israel has shown itself to be incapable of stable leadership in the area so they are not an option, as seems clear. The Bush administration did everything they could to strike at Iran, but with the failure of their Iraq policy, lost the political capital to do so. Obama is even more tightly controlled by Zionist Jews (Emmanuel, etc) than Bush was, and the situation has deteriorated. If Israel decides to bomb Iran, the US will certainly do nothing to stop them.

"As for Wasps and Jews, I think MacDonald’s work on this is definitive enough. To pretend that Jews are not *the* elite class in America is dissimulation. The Jews have long beaten the Wasps in America, and as for Christian Zionists – they provide votes, and most assuredly do *not* make any policy. This is a Jewish liberal canard, to say that it’s not Jews and AIPAC causing America’s unending support for Israel, it’s really Bible thumpers in Texas. Ludicrous on it’s face."

Chris Moore comments:

Yes, Jewry used their powerful influence over mass media to set the terms of debate in the country decades ago, which allow and even encourage minority racial ethnocentricity, but pathologize any White ethnocentricity. They also set the tone that those opposed to Israel were anti-Semites, even though Israel has clearly been a fascist state for years; ironically, the tone was also set that those opposed to Jewish power anywhere were the fascists.

The WASPs quickly fell into line, because they are more interested in money than principle, and getting into dust-ups with Jews could affect their bottom line. Also, their Christian character was long since subordinated to money worship and cynicism, to the point of irrelevance.

Re the Iraq war for oil and not Israel: Stephen Sniegoski pretty much debunked that myth,

which was perpetrated primarily by the left-liberal Dems, who knew it was a war for the Jewish Zionists and yes, to a lesser extent GW’s ego, and the war-profiteering complex. But Israel was the main beneficiary, and the Jewish Zionists and their media apparatus’ were the linchpin to pulling it all off.

Because Jewry is also the linchpin to the left-liberal coalition, the lefties went out of their way to protect the Jewish Zionists to the point of perpetrating a massive “lied into war for oil” fraud on their own base. Thus, not only did the idiot Bushcons/GOP bear the brunt of the electoral punishment for the Iraq war disaster, but even more Jewish Zionist Dems were elected, and thus Jewry ratcheted up ever more power.

If the Right ever really wants to get serious about taking power in this country, it will pull the Jewish linchpin and watch the Judeofascist grenade blow up in the Left’s face. Until it’s willing to do this, it must be presumed that it is comprised of clowns, frauds, charlatans, money-grubbers and fools who aren’t really serious about patriotism or preserving America, nor even capable of exercising power intelligently.

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