Sunday, June 06, 2010

Why doesn't the Jewish-dominated Council of Foreign Relations beget calls for "diversity"?

No Diversity at Council of Foreign Relations Panel to Discuss Gaza Raid
(By Occidental Dissent) --

Philip Weiss, a noted post-Zionist peace activist has broken the taboo on Jewish power inside the Council of Foreign Relations:

CFR braintrust on Gaza is almost all neocon and a six-letter-word-beginning-with-J

"This is astonishing: The Council on Foreign Relations lineup on the Gaza disaster. And every expert is a neocon or neocon-lite. And almost all are Jewish…"

When it comes to diversity (or lack thereof), things can be “too white” but never “too Jewish.”

Immediately after Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, she came under scrutiny by liberals because she had hired mostly white and no black or Hispanic professors while she was dean of Harvard Law School.

A couple of weeks later, when Pat Buchanan pointed out that Kagan would be the third Jewish Justice on the Supreme Court, the same liberals who had bemoaned that the Harvard faculty was “too white” attacked Buchanan for merely insinuating that the Supreme Court was “too Jewish.”

“Too white” is a legitimate criticism; “too Jewish” is racist and anti-Semitic. It’s the same thing with “white privilege.”

By any standard Jews are the most privileged white subgroup. In fact, the median net wealth of a Jewish family is something like 6x the median net wealth of an evangelical family.

But while talk about “white privilege” is fashionable, nobody would ever dare utter the phrase “Jewish privilege.”...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

‘“Too white” is a legitimate criticism; “too Jewish” is racist and anti-Semitic.’

What’s most irritating and irrational about Statist liberals is that even as many of them are rightfully outraged by the horrendous plight of the Arabs and Palestinians at the hands of the American leviathan, the second it’s pointed out that the American-Jewish lobby and organized Jewry are the driving forces behind the atrocities, suddenly those making that assertion are bigots. “Zionists” must be blamed, not Jewry. Why? Because Jewry is the linchpin in the Democratic Party; Jewish money fuels the Democratic Party; nearly all Jews in Congress are Democrats; and Jewish Marxists and Bolsheviks essentially “invented” Leftism.

Left-liberals will never do anything about Jewish hegemony in America, and consequently, they will never be able to do anything about Jewish hegemony in the Middle East, which flows from Jewish domination here. Ironically, then, it is the White “bigots” willing to attack the Jewish juggernaut here who are actually the better friends of those who suffer under the Jewish yoke the world over, and not the drama-queen Left which likes to wail and moan, but lacks the courage and honesty to strike the Jewish root.

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Chu said...

Kucinich's letter today may have 70 signatures in the house at best. It's unnatural for a congress to vote so lopsided on an issue. It shows their is fear inside of all of them. They may act blase about it, but they're scared shitless.

Mondo always asks, when is the left gonna stand up? It's kind of his these and cause (which is why you were perceived as the threat). While he's may be hopeful about this, I don't see significant changes in tone during the flotilla with the mainstream media left. Sure there are plenty who are yelling in blogs, but I don't see an impact.

We get the red herring of Helen's statement which was before the massacre occurred. And why the fuck is a rabbi in DC with a video camera? If this was a priest it would sound ridiculous.