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Has vaunted Jewish-American "liberalism" always been part of the self-serving Zionist scam?

Franken and Kagan rest on Thurgood Marshall’s laurels
(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

I find Elena Kagan charming, articulate and thoughtful, and her eyes read soulful to me; but I can't see a stellar accomplishment beyond the goldplated resume. As I've said before, there is something entitled and end-of-the-Jewish-story-line about her. She is a careerist, not an outsider, she has hidden whatever passion she has so as not to be disgorged from elite company; and her absence of passion and noteworthy accomplishment suggests just how thin is the borscht of American Jewish life, now that we are inside the Establishment.

Yesterday I caught some of Senator Al Franken's exchange with Kagan, in which both affirmed with solemnity that Thurgood Marshall was their hero despite Republican attacks on his activism. Marshall, said Franken, was on the side of the downtrodden, and he had interpreted the law to help the downtrodden and powerless, by overthrowing segregated schools.

My chief response to this festival of self-congratulation is that Thurgood Marshall died a long time ago, Brown v Board of Education was nearly 70 years ago! His legacy is alive in many ways, and while I'm sure Franken is making that legacy live in ways I'd be sure to cheer on, when it comes to the key question of our moment regarding the downtrodden over whom we have power, Franken has been a nullity-- the freedom of Palestinians. In this case, the authors of the oppression are folks who we know and support. Franken tried to outdo Norm Coleman in his Israel support during their long election fracas last year, and he has taken a conventional stance on Hamas since. You'd think he could exercise leadership, being from Minnesota. I haven't seen any.

The piety makes me cynical.

I wonder how much of that love of Thurgood Marshall was selfish-- in that blacks were surrogates for Jewish hopes, when we were kept outside of the American elite, as the blacks were kept out of the mainstream. So we used their struggle to get through the glass ceiling. Well now we are inside, you have a Jewish Supreme Court nominee being valentined by a few Jewish senators, while the southerner Republicans yap, and the love of Thurgood Marshall feels empty to me, unless it is applied to a real situation over which we have power. Again: the Palestinians.

It makes me a little skeptical about Jewish liberalism...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Affecting self-righteous and sanctimonious piousness has not only always been a part of the Jewish-American Zionist scam, but it's seemingly been a part of the overall organized Jewish scam dating all the way back to the Pharisees; Jewish-American “liberals” have apparently just incorporated pious liberal incantations into the running Jewish narrative that they are morally superior, only instead of ascribing it to some supposed special relationship with God, it’s due to their exceptional history of “suffering” and “despair” that gives them special status and insights, and thus they should be held in the highest esteem no matter what they do, and respected and acquiesced to no-end.

The Pharisees (Jewish “holy men” of the biblical era) originally pulled this scam on the larger Jewish community (claiming they themselves had special insights into Godliness, piousness and holiness), and today, much of larger organized Jewry has simply adopted the swindle vis-à-vis the Gentile world, modifying it into "liberal" secular form.

The problem for Jewish-American Zionist faux-liberal swindlers is essentially the same as the problem faced by the self-righteous and sanctimonious Pharisee swindlers of Jesus’ time, who were personally and professionally some of the most greedy, craven and disgustingly amoral charlatans of the era: “What do we do when they discover that we’re some of the worst hypocrites walking the earth?”

The answer is the kind of behavior that has become standard fare for modern organized Jewry: affect to be “hurt” and “injured” by the charges, affect to be a “victim” of scurrilous rumor and innuendo; attack and accuse the accusers, putting them to the defensive instead; resort to claims that “everybody does it”; and finally, in the end, buy off the authorities and/or resort to a murderous suppression of the truth.

Some people and cultures never change.

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