Monday, July 05, 2010

Why is everyone out to get organized Jewry, and what does that mean for America?

(Chris Moore) -- In this New York Times article by Edward Rothstein, he reviews two new books on anti-Semitism weighing in at a total of 2,000 pages between them, and lists the litany of anti-Semites found in the volumes. He complains anti-Semites learn their beliefs from Christianity; the learn them from Western Civilization; they learn them from Marx (“What is the worldly cult of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly god? Money”); they learn them from Nazism; they learn them from “Stalin’s purges and show trials” (which I guess is a roundabout confession that Bolshevism was indeed riddled with Jews); they learn them from Islamists; they learn them from peaceniks; they learn them from fascists; they learn them from anti-fascists who say Zionists are the new Nazis; they learn them from anti-Capitalists...on and on and on.

In short, it seems everyone hates the Jews except...who? Today, I guess it's down to a narrow band of American neoliberal and neocon elites and Judeo-Christian Zionist rubes who are their only remaining allies and protectors -- the same people that they are currently working on to plunge the country into WWIII against Islam on Israel and Zionism's behalf.

Given the organization’s history of utter subversion and corrosion, and the many enemies it has inspired from every part of the world that has had any meaningful contact with it for ages, befriending or allying with organized Jewry has obviously become a very dangerous and nationally destructive enterprise.

When the hell will our rulers get that particular memo? Obviously, they care more about enabling and empowering their own Zionist ideology and their Israelis than they do about the fate of the American people or the survival of our country.

Isn’t that treason? And at what point does organized Jewry's own ongoing aggressive, belligerent and self-destructive behavior signal a suicidal death wish? And why are our rulers tying us at the hip to such an organization? Perhaps their own sickening corruption and moral rot has turned them suicidal, as well.

And hey, that's only natural; self-disgust and suicidal thoughts often come in pairs. But don't be like the cowardly gunman who kills his family before finally turning the gun on himself. Zionists, go ahead and Armageddon yourselves, just do the rest of us a favor and don't try to take America with you.

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