Monday, July 19, 2010

The Jewish engine dragging us down the road towards totalitarianism is revving up yet again

Kevin MacDonald: Chapter 22 of 200 Years Together: “From the End of the War to Stalin’s Death”

A few separate paragraphs from the above linked piece by Prof. Kevin MacDonald seemed to fit together somewhat seamlessly and chillingly jumped out of the page at me.
“Anti-Jewish attitudes [in the Soviet Union] remained strong, fueled in large part because of the role of Jews as agents of oppression during the pre-war decades...”

“Jews complained about these attitudes as well as the fact that other groups were indifferent to Jewish suffering, but Solzhenitsyn notes the irony, quoting another Jewish observer who stated “that in the years of our terrible disasters, the Jewish intellectuals did not raise their voices in defense of the deported nations of Crimea and the Caucasus.” The example is a testimony to Jewish ethnocentrism–focused on their own suffering but never seeing, much less acknowledging, their indifference to the suffering of others or their role in causing it during the height of their power...”

“Stephen Holmes describes Strauss’s solution to the Jewish dilemma as follows: “The good society … consists of the sedated masses, the gentlemen rulers, the promising puppies, and the philosophers who pursue knowledge, manipulate the gentlemen, anesthetize the people, and housebreak the most talented young” — a comment that sounds to me like an alarmingly accurate description of the present situation in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world…”
It’s clear that influential elements of Jewry think and organize criminally with the worst and most murderous of totalitarian intentions and economic treachery. For all their rhetoric and claims to being “a light unto nations,” once the layer of artifice is penetrated and the mask is forced down, the essence of this group is that it seeks to find elaborate means to imprison or kill anyone who might oppose its agenda and sociopathy. There is not an iota of good will or good intentions in this group, hence “reasoning” or “bargaining” or “dialoguing” with it is pointless.

I think previous generations of European elites realized this, and helped establish Israel for this very purpose — as a means of containing Jewish sociopathy without having to resort to wholesale slaughter. This plan went awry because Jewish nationalism has been allowed to infiltrate and co-opt the world’s only superpower, and maneuver it into doing Zionism’s criminal bidding.

As in other political areas, the “compassionate” and “liberal” who have indulged and coddled criminal Jewry, and acted out their assigned, sappy role as wailing Schindler’s (”Boo-hoo, we always need to do more for the poor, suffering Jews”) turn out to be the least compassionate and liberal, because they are enabling and encouraging the Trojan horse for vicious and murderous totalitarianism.

The criminal strain of organized Jewry, which today pulls the string of the American elite, is totally incompatible with the freedom and liberty that those same American elites professes to hold in such high regard. If you don’t listen to what they say, but rather watch the policies the pursue, its clear that the whole rotten bunch of them are anti-American, and at war with the Constitution, and we’re again quickly approaching a tipping point on the road to totalitarianism that their Jewish partners inexorably pursue.

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