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Wall Street rackets, corrupt regulatory "oversight," and the Jewish Zionist establishment

Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?

(Occidental Observer Blog) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

The current TOO article by John Graham and me, “Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?,” reviews 8 books on the Bernie Madoff scandal. From the beginning, there was a pronounced Jewish angle to the media coverage of the scandal—mainly emphasizing that Madoff was a Jew who stole from other Jews. However, this review (for which the lion’s share of the credit goes to Mr. Graham), explores the far greater depth of Jewishness apparent in the incident. Here I review several important themes.

Contrary to the image in the media, the scandal in fact was a large scale transfer of wealth from non-Jews to Jews. The big money that entered the fund beginning in the 1990s was predominantly from non-Jews, and especially from Europe. In the end, according to whistle blower Henry Markopolos,the European losses were “substantially more than losses in the United States.” We suggest that the attraction of wealthy, aristocratic Europeans may have been an example of the “court Jew” phenomenon: “For centuries it was customary for aristocratic landowners, particularly in Eastern Europe, to delegate the task of managing the businesses operations on their estates to Jews, sometimes using the same families for generations.”...

Interestingly, quite a few of Madoff’s Jewish clients seem to have believed that it was a fraud or at least based on illegal activity such as “front-running” (trading ahead of client orders). “Many Madoff accounts thought they were safely benefitting from illegal activity — and did not care.” They seem to have thought of themselves as benefiting from Jewish ethnic networking where there has been a long tradition of failing to report illegal activities of other Jews— an offence known as Mesirah (informing).

Perhaps most explosively, we suggest that Madoff was protected because of the power of the Jewish community:
The Bernard Madoff matter was one about which a significant segment of Jewish America cared very much — some for financial reasons, others, perhaps, because of community pride and loyalty. Challenging this group was well known to be extremely dangerous. As in other matters, they awarded themselves a veto, and they used it — as it happened in this case, to their cost. All in all, the Madoff affair and the cover-up is another indication of Jewish power in America.
For example, Henry Markopolos, in his aptly titled No One Would Listen, comments
In my mind, at least, I was convinced that someone high up at the [Wall Street] Journal had decided it was too dangerous to go after Bernie Madoff. … I was finally beginning to consider the possibility that Bernie Madoff was untouchable — that he was simply too powerful to be brought down.
Madoff was investigated eight times by the SEC, but each investigation was inexplicably stopped. Sen. Charles Schumer seems to have been part of the power structure protecting Madoff. Madoff and his sons maxed out their contributions to Schumer. Schumer phoned the SEC on Madoff’s behalf, and he treated Markopolos with incredible rudeness during Senate hearings — not exactly the expected treatment toward someone who was right all along.

What has been portrayed as SEC incompetence now looks quite a bit like corruption. “We submit that the SEC failed to stop Madoff not because it was incompetent, but because it was afraid — of the Jewish Establishment.” It seems likely that even greater corruption was involved in the financial collapse that has been such an ongoing disaster for the country. The fact that Goldman Sachs managed to settle its involvement in one particular deal with a slap on the wrist...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Others are starting to pick up on the story that there is corrupt racketeering going on between Wall Street, the “regulatory” agencies and the political establishment.

The Washington Examiner:
The SEC’s fishy deal with Goldman

Everyone with half a brain knows that the Jewish Zionist establishment is neck deep in all this corruption that is destroying the country. So many Jewish Zionists exist with one foot in America and one foot in Israel that it becomes nearly impossible for them to resist the temptation of swindle, confident in the knowledge that if ever detected freedom from prosecution is just a plane ride away in Israel.

I think a lot of goy politicians have simply given up and concluded “If you can’t beat, join ‘em,” and probably a lot of other everyday Wall Street types that would otherwise play (more or less) by the rules, too.

The corruption phenomenon is yet another in the growing laundry list of scurrilous influences and criminal actions that Jewish supremacists perpetrate against their host societies whenever given an inch of daylight or breathing room. With one eye perpetually on the door and their hearts in Israel, they couldn’t care less if the entire country falls to pieces and turns completely lawless because they’ll always have immunity, refuge, and plenty of ill-gotten gains to enjoy once they’ve made aliyah to their primary loyalty…nay, their only loyalty, really.

How could the post WWII generations have been so stupid and naïve as to allow Jewish nationalism to run amok in America? There can be no more irresponsible and criminally negligent country-destroying mistake than that.

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