Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surrounded by Jewish money and handlers from Chicago to today, media still maintain fiction Obama is his own man

'Jewish voter’ meme is journalistic mystification

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

I’m at my parents’ house in Cape Cod and am reading the New York Times on newsprint and noticed that the usual fiction about Jewish influence in the political process appears twice in the same day. Both an op-ed on Obama’s failing traction among Jewish voters by Charles Blow and an analysis of the peace negotiations by Mark Landler and Helene Cooper insists on the significance of Jewish "voters" in explaining why Obama has given up on the '67 borders. Blow emphasizes the Jewish vote in Florida. Cooper and Landler say:
He has always been viewed with a degree of wariness by some Jewish voters in the United States, and undertaking a high-profile initiative heading into the midterm elections could hold both opportunity and peril for him and his party.
This is a form of mystification. While Blow states honestly that "their influence outweighs their [2-3 percent] proportion," he does not cite the true source of our influence, we are likely the most significant bloc of the American meritocratic establishment.

We are prominent in media and political consulting and thinktanks; and in terms of wealth we far outstrip even privileged Episcopalians. This is the source of our influence. Money is the mother's milk of American political ambition, and good sources report that Jews provide the majority of money to Democratic presidential candidates. The billionaire Chicago families Pritzker and Crown were early important backers of Barack Obama and Penny Pritzker headed his fundraising. The two most important offices in theWhite House, after Obama’s, are held by Jews, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel; and Crown plays a key role in the discussion of American policy re Iran, per Jeffrey Goldberg's war-drums piece in the Atlantic. This is power...MORE...LINK

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