Monday, September 27, 2010

Another wealthy, lefty Jewish supremacist: Closet Jewish Zionist Soros secretly funds left-wing of Israel lobby, J-Street

Jewish billionaire funds J-Street

(YNet) --

WASHINGTON - After months of denial, leaders of the pro-Israel organization J-Street have been compelled to admit their activities are partly funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros who, in his own words, refuses to be part of activities in support of Israel...

Soros has been strongly critical of the US and Israel. In Jewish circles in America he is considered a controversial figure, especially since his interview with the New Yorker 15 years ago, in which he stated he did not want to be part of any activity in support of Israel, even if he did not deny Jews' right to have their own state.

Keeping his connections with J-Street a secret worked in his interest, because J-Street has repeatedly declared itself to be pro-Israel and pro-peace. On its website the organization denies that Soros is its main funder, stating that Soros did not found J-Street and that he has publicly stated his wish to avoid being involved as such involvement may work against the organization.

However, on Friday the Washington Times revealed that Soros and his children donated $245,000 when J-Street was founded, and later contributed a further half million dollars. This report plus others that appeared in its wake compelled J-Street's President Jeremy Ben-Ami to confirm that Soros was among those funding the organization...MORE...LINK

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