Monday, September 27, 2010

Shyster Jewish leadership drags shyster-lawyer ABA even further into the left-liberal swindler's camp than usual

Why is the American Bar Association swinging Left?

(Occidental Observer) -- by John Graham --

The alert but not particularly conservative Politico webzine has an interesting item “Right sees law group tilting left” by Josh Gerstein (9/25/10):
The American Bar Association, which was dogged for decades by criticism over a perceived liberal bent, is risking reigniting that debate by taking bold stands on a pair of hot-button social issues.

At its annual meeting last month in San Francisco, the nation’s largest lawyers’ group passed a formal resolution, urging every state in the union to permit same-sex marriages.

In June, the ABA took what it acknowledged was an “extraordinary action” by filing a brief urging a federal judge in Arizona to block enforcement of that state’s highly controversial law intended to crack down on illegal immigration
What is going on? Apparently what is going on is that the ABA’s new president is Stephen Zack of Miami, of whom Politico says that he
defended the group’s support for same-sex marriage and its opposition to the Arizona immigration law as part of the organization’s broad duty to defend civil rights…

The fact that the public is sharply divided on the gay marriage issue and appears to broadly support the Arizona immigration law isn’t relevant to whether the bar group should speak out on those issues, Zack insisted. “If that was the touchstone then in the 50s, we should not have taken a stand opposing segregation,” Zack said.
Evidently it is a personal matter:
Zack said his background has made him acutely aware of the danger of depriving people of their rights. “I came from Cuba in 1961. I’m the first Hispanic-American president of the American Bar Association,” he said. “I keep that experience very close to me. To me, the loss of liberty is not a theoretical exercise. It actually happened.”
Another of those socially conservative Hispanics? Well, not quite.

The preface to an article by Zack on Latina Lista (Guest Voz: First Latino President-elect of American Bar Association speaks out about civic education [November 20, 2009]) says
Mr. Zack will be the first president in the ABA’s 131-year history who happens to be both Latino and Jewish.
And Zack himself says
In the early 1900s my grandfather had come to Cuba from Russia, looking for a better life, searching for freedom, hoping for the right to practice his religion and beliefs without persecution. For many years, he found that. He raised a family, worked hard and prospered. Unfortunately, there came a time when that changed for my family in Cuba.

When I was 13, we left Cuba to come to the United States. My grandfather became a refugee for the second time, once again having to flee his home in search of that better life…
Far from being Hispanic — his family spent apparently less than 60 years in Cuba –- Stephen Zack is yet another descendant of Russian Jews working off ancestral animosities against mythical Cossacks by wrecking the societies which so unwisely gave them shelter and hospitality...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

This story is so rich with irony, I hardly know where to begin.

Here we have a “Hispanic” shyster lawyer leader trying to drag the shyster-lawyer ABA swindlers even further left inside the liberal camp where they have historically played their grift by claiming it’s a “civil rights” imperative.

Then it turns out the Hispanic shyster leader isn’t really Hispanic at all, but a White Jew trying to pass himself off as a person of color in order to gain left-liberal multi-cultural cred (not unlike another opportunistic Jew trying to swindle the Latinos as a fellow ese by the name of Geraldo Rivera).

This fake-Hispanic, crypto-Jew shyster justifies his lurch left by claiming the idea is to preserve freedom (“To me, the loss of liberty is not a theoretical exercise. It actually happened”) in reference to his family’s loss of wealth to the left-wing Cuban revolutionaries, and subsequent flight to America.

But once in America, suddenly left-wing politics are no longer about "loss of liberty," but all about "civil rights."

This guy epitomizes the classic Jewish Zionist neoliberal scam around which the entire modern Democrat Party (and neocon wing of the GOP) has been built.

Is there a waking moment in the lives of these counterfeit human beings when they’re not going round and round in their minds the different possible ways they can swindle, subjugate, rob, murder, defraud or disenfranchise some group or some individual “mark,” and get away with it scot-free?

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