Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If only Americans had listened to "anti-Semite" Joe Sobran, America (and more of the world) might be at peace today

Joseph Sobran, Antiwar Prophet, RIP

(The American Conservative blog) -- by Jon Basil Utley --

As America faces unending wars and bankrupting budgets as far as the eye can see, we are saddened by the death of one of our great patriots, Joseph Sobran. He tried to save America way back in 1990, when a newly triumphant Washington establishment, with communism in ruins, started the first of its now unending Middle East wars. Today few doubt that America has passed its apogee. The test of all great nations is when their empires start costing more than they benefit; few would doubt that America has now passed that turning point.

Sobran’s falling out with Buckley was not just because of Israel, as is often argued. Rather, it was Buckley’s joining (after communism’s collapse) with the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal‘s op-ed page in urging American imperialism (“spreading democracy,” as we call it nowadays). Bill then went on to give his magazine to the neoconservatives. Yet all our billions for bombs and bribes have had little success, in large part because America has lost the moral high ground we used to have. The collapse of communism actually weakened America, because now we are judged for our own actions, instead of as the bulwark of those fearing the anti-civilization of communism. Foreign nations’ middle classes no longer see America as their prime protector against being liquidated by Marxists. Hence they now no longer will accept our leadership, particularly in starting wars...

The accusations of anti-Semitism against Joe are extreme, except that, obviously, after the pro-war smear campaign against him, he no doubt made unpropitious remarks, and he lacked some social graces...

Joe was a shining light at National Review, a key voice in the battle against communism and for the eventual electoral victories of conservatism. His subsequent writings in his newsletter, Sobran’s, provided a continuous, well thought-out critique of America’s evolution after winning the Cold War against communism. Fortunately, his writings are available for future generations of students at the Sobran Web site.

Memorable is a quite favorable obituary from the New York Times, calling Joe one of Bill Buckley’s “whiz kids” who was “an unapologetic paleoconservative, opposed to military intervention abroad, big government at home, and moral permissiveness everywhere.” Another powerful obit is written by Robert Royal of the Faith and Reason Institute. Others are posted at the FGF Foundation site...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The fact of the matter is, creation of the Empire is and has been more about turning the (Jewish-dominated) Fed printing presses and credit creation entitlements into the goose that laid the golden egg nationally and internationally than anything else. (It's not unlike Jewish-dominated early Communism in this sense, which beneath it all was nothing more than a Big Government money, property and power grab). Consequently, Jewish-dominated Wall Street banksters, international bankers connected to the Fed and the central banks they run have benefited from US Empire more than anyone, including the military-industrial complex (although there's a lot of guilt there as well), and especially more than the Christian Zionist rubes, who to a certain extent have been scapegoated. It's really Wall Street, the Money Powers and their attendant Jewish-dominated Shyster Class minions who sought to plunder America's good credit and keep the plunder going at the point of a gun for as long as possible behind it all.

Perhaps this explains some of Sobran's "anti-Semitism." He just set his sights a little too narrowly, and should have thrown in more non-Jewish, soul-selling, money-hungry swine for special contempt, as well.

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