Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Satanic" Zionism and its post-Christian rational, secular, and Keynesian collaborators to dissidents: "Surrender or die!"

(By Chris Moore) -- Do you object to the term "Satanic"?

What else but “Satanic” can characterize Zionist Jewry’s concerted efforts to draw America into the Iraq war by “facilitating” the 9/11 attacks (and I suspect I’m being charitable with that characterization), and using their elite/insider status in Big Media and Big Government to advance false evidence that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks and had WMD that it intended to use in "another" assault on America? And then on the heels of that, again going about using their insider status to try to frame Iran for invasion?

And of course, as readers of this site will recognize, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Judeofascism’s premeditated crimes against humanity.

Isn’t whether one wants to characterize their motives as “Darwinian” or “Satanic” merely a matter of semantics, like Marx substituting “History” for “God”?

Thank you very much, but I’m not going to allow Marxism to dictate the terms of my rhetoric. The post-Christian West’s allowance of Judeofascists and their collaborators to dictate the terms of debate was its first big mistake. Post-Christian elites may be turned off by such terms as “Satanic,” but then post-Christian “elites” are the most likely to collaborate with Judeofascists in the sell-out and plunder of the West.

Maybe we should all be appealing to the language of traditional Christians and Muslims and salt-of-the-earth types who still possess an iota of humanity instead of trying to play by the rules of the rigged game set up by the Judeofascists and their sociopathic “elite” collaborators.

Besides, so much post-Christian “rationalism” and its lexicon are a farce and a fraud anyway, for example supposedly “scientific” Communism, or “global warming” or Keynesian economics — all built on illusion and sand, and all of which so often go hand in hand with the organized Jewish agenda and swindle.

For example, vis-à-vis the Jewish question, a rationalist might say, “Jews merely seek to survive. They’re Darwinian.” This echos Marx: "What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Judaism, would be the self-emancipation of our time." In other words, Jewry merely seeks to survive, as do we all. Roll the Marxism where money is free, and need, want, money worship, even religion -- and all of their poisonous fruits -- will be obsolete.

And hey, if not under Marxism, then under Keynesianism will do!

But this doesn't account for organized Jewry's premeditated malice and murderous hatred towards dissidents who refuse to believe they’re “the chosen” going all the way back to Jesus Christ, early Christianity, later Christianity, contemporary Christianity, contemporary Islam...a malice apparently motivated by Judeofascist belief that they have a monopoly on God, and intend to prove it by destroying all believers who beg to differ, and enslaving everyone else -- already attempted under Communism, and today again being attempted under Marxism's Western heir, Keynesianism .

And yet, to hear supposed “rationalists” tell the tale, Jews are simply trying to survive, (as if organized Jewry is merely comprised of isolated, atomized individual Jews instead of the overwhelmingly Zionist Jewish supremacists that make up its bulk and its thrust); and they should be left alone to pursue whatever course they want, apparently no matter how murderous, or no matter how many murderous collaborators they enlist in their schemes. And if you disagree or try to interfere...they'll kill you (if you're a Muslim), and if not they'll imprison you for "hate speech" or "Holocaust denial" or "terrorism" or whatever timely pretext they can come up with next.

This is how post-Christian “rationalism” and “science” are utilized by Zionist Jewry and its partners to fulfill their murderous agenda.

Does this mean I’m anti-rational and anti-science? No, I simply recognize that Christianity is the bodyguard of human advancement as demonstrated by the achievements of Western Civilization under its tutelage before it was poisoned by counterfeits, frauds, saboteurs, the stunted, and profiteering opportunists; and that Christianity and its own lexicon are designed to cut to the quick through malicious entities and their verbal smokescreens, and cut through their agenda to twist “progress” towards sinister ends.

What do you get out of people who might identify themselves as Christians, yet spit upon Christianity by adopting only its most superficial, farcical and caricatured form, while simultaneously declaring themselves to be “scientific,” “rational” and “secular,” and dedicated to the pursuit of “democracy” and “freedom”? You get the Clinton/Blair/Bush juggernaut — all of whom, not coincidentally, ended up pursuing the interests of the Judeofascist agenda to the hilt. And all of whom essentially “evolved” from Protestantism only to find themselves enthrall to the Judeofascist pharisees.

Of course, those and the millions like them who think they have “evolved” from all manner of Christian sects, or who dwell in post-Christian “rational” sects, or subscribe to Judeo-Christian Zionist sects, can’t admit their folly, even to themselves, because so many of them still instinctively know the consequences of compromising their souls. So if they have their way, they’ll continue their tantrum perpetually (permanent-revolution) and drag us all “forward,” kicking and screaming — all the way back under the Judeofascist thumb.

You see, they bet it all on their partnership with the Jews, and they lost. Now, as typical of their demographic, they don’t want to take responsibility and admit or accept the consequences of their decision -- even though that's all they need do for redemption.

But if they're going to be stiff-necked about it, that's their problem, not ours. They can “progress” into oblivion alone.


Charles said...

The silence here under "comments" speaks volumes about the fallacy of the creator.

Chris Moore said...

Alas, Charles, to a certain extent, your observation is true; I only get around 5,000 hits a month on this site. On the other hand, I recognized it's going to take people who have been indoctrinated in a steady diet of lies by the Judeofascists and their partners for decades (people like yourself?) some time to come around. Indeed, you found your way here, no?

Remember, truth is repellent to those indoctrinated in lies, but ultimately, it’s irresistible.