Friday, November 26, 2010

Depraved, Zionist mainstream media: Majority of corrupt, hack journalist in MSM are Jewish

Mamas, dont let your boychicks grow up to be pundits

(Mondoweiss) -- by Bruce Wolman --

You have to hand it to Hebrew School. What a training ground those late weekday sessions have shown to be.

Salon produced its Hack Thirty List-- "our all-star team--of the most predictable, dishonest and just plain stupid pundits in the media"--and by my reckoning at least 16 of the 30 are Jewish. Even more impressive, Jews occupy the first five, and six out of the first seven, positions on the list. It's a complete rout, dear Gentiles.

Congratulations to Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who beat out Mark Halperin, Tom Friedman, David Broder, Marty Peretz and Jonah Goldberg for the top honors. Poor Jeffrey Goldberg came in only at number 26. Just shows how tough the competition was.

I am wondering whether the Jewish Weekly, the Forward, and Ha'aretz will write this up. They usually never fail to notice such honors...MORE...LINK

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