Thursday, November 25, 2010

When racial profiling is instituted by Zionist Jewry, suddenly Jewish-dominated, liberal establishment media love the idea

TSA Screwing Up Airport Security? Turn to Israel (NOT)

(Tikun Olam) -- by Richard Silverstein --

Why can’t the U.S. be more like Israel?

I’d like to do a forensic search to root out the origin of the latest media meme that, given the mess that TSA appears to be making of the new full body airport security screenings, we should turn to Israel as a model for how to do the job. Chances are that we’ll discover that the meme was created by someone in the MFA or by an Israeli security consultant who stands to make millions if TSA takes the idea seriously enough to hire him.

Everyone from CNN to Reuters, to the august N.Y. Times has taken up the idea:
Amid the uproar that airport screening has become too intrusive, some Americans are now asking why the United States cannot do it like the Israelis.

Representative John L. Mica, Republican of Florida and a critic of the Obama administration’s new screening methods, says the Transportation Security Administration should look at Israel, which uses early detection techniques at airports. An editorial in The Washington Times last week praised El Al, the Israeli national airline, as employing the “smarter approach” of using “sophisticated intelligence analysis which allows them to predict which travelers constitute a possible threat and which do not.”...
...Why can’t the U.S. be more like Israel? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because we’re a democracy and take civil liberties seriously and Israel winks and nods at the notion. Maybe because we know enough about racial and ethnic profiling to reject the notion especially when you establish it at the core of a nation’s airline screening process. Maybe because we have a more balanced, nuanced understanding of the conflicting requirements of national security and individual liberty.

Here is a short summary of the posts I’ve written extolling the professionalism of Israeli airport security. There was the case of the Alvin Ailey American African American dancer separated from her company due to her skin color. The U.S. university president and former cabinet officer of Lebanese descent (yup, her name gave her away as an Arab terrorist) traveling to Israel to speak against BDS; the Hebrew University professor on her way to an academic conference until forced to part with her laptop. Or the award-winning Israeli-Palestinian documentary filmmaker forced to strip naked by El Al security apparently because her award, bestowed by no less a personage than George Clooney, made her a terrorism suspect. The American university professor on her way to an Israeli academic conference until called a terrorist by El Al security (she was likely confused with another person with the same name, who wrote in her online bio that as a child she lived in poor Pakistani and Iranian villages); or how about the daughter of the Israeli Supreme Court justice who herself was an Israel foreign ministry trainee harassed at the airport while being Arab; or the case of the American family refused exit from Israel for no more reason than that they didn’t have proper papers acknowledging they were Palestinian, when none of the detained children or mother were Palestinian (the father, who was not with them when detained was Palestinian); Not to mention the individuals prevented from entering Israel for no security reason whatsoever aside from their undesirable political views opposing the Israeli Occupation. Then there was the woman who had had a “dangerous” slogan stickered on her laptop, which earned it three bullets through the hard-drive. And oh man, if you’re a Harvard Law student doing academic research on land disputes between the Bedouin and Israeli government, don’t even think about it. And finally, we have the case of El Al security in South Africa demanding to search a dark-skinned airport visitor who wasn’t even flying...MORE...LINK
Neo-Pharisees tighten the noose: Jewish Zionists like former Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff (above left) are profiteering nicely by importing draconian Israeli "national security" methods to America. Integral to the Zionist agenda, the Jewish-dominated, statist-liberal Establishment mainstream media paper the entire Judeofascist police state process over by glorifying Israel and its pharisaic ways as shining examples for America to follow. Looks like treasonous, Establishment Big Government "conservatives" and "liberals" have finally found something they can whole-heartedly agree upon: anti-American and anti-Christian Jewish supremacism. -- C.M.

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