Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greedy Jewry made seamless transition from swindling Communism to swindling Zionism, always using "anti-Semitism" as convenient rationale

Would Julius and Ethel be Zionists had they lived?

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

The Nation has an excellent piece by Victor Navasky on the latest chapter in the Rosenberg saga-- a new book that fingers Ethel Rosenberg's brother and sister-in-law the Greenglasses as the spies. I will save you the details, it's not my cup of tea. But what impressed me about Navasky's piece was his willingness to look on the Rosenberg saga for what I have always seen it as, a reflection of the Jewish response to modernity...

What I hear Navasky saying is that the Jewish attraction to Communism was sociocultural, that it reflected in part the Jewish experience of anti-Semitism in eastern Europe...

Jerry Muller says it best in his recent book, Capitalism and the Jews-- when he says that often before the ideology came political identity formation issues...

Muller says that integrationists were the largest group, and sought to make peace with modernity while keeping a distinctly Jewish identity. They were least concerned about anti-Semitism and tended to be pro-capitalist. As for Jewish communism, he treats it in part as a revolutionary/idealistic Jewish response to pervasive anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe...

Both authors show how the primal Jewish response to anti-Semitism and modernity predicts a lot of Jewish political behavior. And this explains why many nationalists and Communists have a lot more in common even today than either group has with the integrationists; for they are both more concerned with anti-Semitism than the integrationists are, they just have different ways of addressing it. My mother, for instance, took the side of the Rosenbergs back in the '50s, brought me up to see the case as a bright-lights demonstration of how the U.S. treated Jews; and today she supports Israel because it is the place that the Jews made in a hostile world. She's never been an active Communist or an active Zionist; but the two currents flow through her worldview, and they are not incompatible.

Obviously these are historical generalizations. Many former Jewish Communists are today anti-Zionist; they are a key component of anti-Zionism in the U.S. today. But I'd say that many more former Communists have morphed into liberal and rightwing Zionists-- look at Israel itself-- because even their Communism had an ethnocentric basis...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Given their imperialist warmongering and perpetual designs on private monopoly (e.g. Jewish-dominated Hollywood, banksterism, mass media; and ethnic-rackateering in other industries) even a lot Jewish capitalists aren't free market advocates at all, but rather imperious, authoritarian-driven, control freaks. In fact, so much of what they do, from Communism to Zionism to their swindling version of Capitalism, is driven by insatiable greed that the question as to whether financial swindle and massive wealth theft and transfer from average Gentiles in their host societies to themselves entirely drives their various psychotic ideologies.

No wonder so many Gentile money-grubbing swindlers and hidebound racists in America (and advocates U.S. imperialism and Zionism, manifested in offensives like the Iraq war) themselves have a soft-spot for organized Jewry; lowlife thieves, swindlers and base racists tend to stick together -- birds of a feather. Indeed, how much of this pseudo-Christian, "Judeo-Christian" trash is in fact spiritually Jewish? How many historic "Christian" colonialist (the onese driven not by freedom and opportunity, but rather greed and racism) were not Christian at all, but rather Judeo-Christian trash working in spiritual collaboration with money-grubbing Jewry?

As I repeat, admittedly ad nauseum: Judeofascists and their spiritual collaborators -- the mediums for evil on earth.

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