Thursday, November 11, 2010

Judeofascism and its collaborators -- ushering war, spiritual corruption and evil into America and the world

(Chris Moore) -- It’s utterly impossible to be an American patriot, or an advocate for Western civilization, or a Christian of any upstanding denomination (which excludes these snake-like Judeo-“Christian” Zionist factions), and have any respect, sympathy, or even tolerance for the Judeofascists and their insatiably greedy, back-stabbing, and murderously coercive ways.

Has God done humanity a favor by making them so blatantly and unapologetically evil?

It seems the lines are being drawn, and the truly wicked elements of “humanity” on both Left and Right can now be identified by their allegiance to, or sympathy for, the Judeofascists, and their willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in business, politics, industry, academics, government or any other component of civil society.

The Judeofascists are uniquely evil, because they’re a medium for what much of the world has historically referred to as “Satan.” They go about conjuring the devil, and deliberately opening doors and windows to epic evil through their various political and economic ideologies — Marxism, Zionism, Neoconservatism, Keynesianism. True, Satan would exist without them, but they engage in an organized effort usher him into the world in order to overthrow God. They hate God because He, via humanity, has rejected and persecuted their organized wickedness and sociopathy (what they refer to as “pogroms“ and “anti-Semitism.”)

They wage war against God by appealing to the most destructive vices of humanity — greed, gluttony, pride, wrath, envy, lust, sloth (the seven deadly sins) — and using them to politically triangulate the masses.

Notice how the first three on the list above have special appeal to the “Right,” and the last three appeal to the “Left”? In the center is wrath (war) which is incited by the Judeofascists perpetually with appeals to both the Left and Right.

Christianity teaches peace for a reason, but Christians aren’t supposed to be doormats. Christians, both aspiring and actual, need to methodically and aggressively push out the Judeofascists and their lowlife collaborators from the anti-war center, and push both Left and Right, ushering them and their allies into the margins and sewers where they belong.

The more violently they struggle, the more aggressively we oppose them.

The key is identifying and isolating both them and their gutter political, economic and social collaborators. Because both mainstream parties have been implicated in collaboration with the Judeofascist devil, I honestly believe it’s going to take an explicitly anti-Zionist third party that’s willing to point up both the Judeofascist devil in the living room, and the evil Left-Right collaborators suckling at his teets.

The war is going to be epic, and at times perhaps even violent. But always remember, the Judeofacists and their ilk brought it down on themselves, and the alternative is the overthrow of God on earth, for who knows how long.

Do we really want to be the country that Satan co-opted via the Judeofascists and their collaborators, and used to overthrow God on earth? There is no more important struggle than the complete isolation and smack-down of Judeofascism and its evil allies.

An offensive against the Judeofascists is an attack straight into the black, beating heart of Satan on earth. Indeed, they opened the windows to let him in; they ARE the windows to his black soul themselves. But we can wage a major offensive by smashing back through those same windows and striking a painful blow against evil itself.

One can only imagine the epic benefits to the entirety of humanity in general and Christianity in particular if we were to send Satan reeling and fleeing with his spiked tail firmly entrenched between his legs. At that point, the potential and possibilities are endless -- but the "dirty work" has to be done first.

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