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In "Puppetmaster," Beck portrays Soros as extraordinarily diabolical, yet his politics align squarely with mainstream Judeofascist lefties

Glenn Beck was accused of anti-Semitism for singling out the Jewish George Soros as the ultimate "Puppetmaster"; in truth, Soros' chameleon neolib/neocon machinations and political stances are par for the course amongst two-faced, self-seving Judeofascist lefties -- and their neocon cousins, as well

Glenn Beck on George Soros

(Occidental Obverver) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

...Essentially, Beck is making Soros into the main figure behind the current financial crisis and the movement to devalue the dollar. This is an oversimplification. Soros will doubtless position himself to benefit from how the crisis plays out (as he has always done and as Beck is counseling his audience to do). But I have never seen any evidence that Soros was the prime mover of the financial fraud and mismanagement that caused the financial crisis or that he is the main force behind the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing designed to devalue the dollar.

Beck foresees a possible complete meltdown far worse than the present malaise. Blaming it on one person is certainly effective rhetorically. It simplifies the problem for his audience by allowing them to focus on one person as the source of all the problems.

In his show and on his website, Beck emphasizes that Soros is a Jew (although under pressure he later saidthat Soros being Jewish is irrelevant to his behavior and that he (Beck) is more pro-Jewish and pro-Israel than Soros). Beck dwells quite a bit on Soros’ wartime experience (much to the consternation of the ADL), the ostensible point being that Soros has never shown any guilt about his behavior and indeed seems to have valued his experience—“the happiest year of his life.” The implication is that Soros is a sociopath willing to turn on his own people: He learned that by hiding his own identity as a Jew, he could gain power and survive...

The Beck website quotes extensively from Connie Bruck’s New Yorker portraitof Soros which notes that Soros has accepted an identity as a Jew (“I am ready to stand up and be counted [as a Jew]”). Further indicating his strong sense of Jewish identity, in a New York Review of Books articleSoros stated “I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel.

However, Soros claims to oppose Jewish tribalism: “I am escaping the particular. I think I am doing exactly that by espousing this universal concept” — of open society. “In other words, I don’t think that you can ever overcome anti-Semitism if you behave as a tribe… the only way you can overcome it is if you give up the tribalness.”

Soros’ solution to anti-Semitism, therefore, is to retain a Jewish identity but to end Jewish tribalism—a questionable proposal given how closely linked Jewish identity is to the idea of collective Jewish interests. Would he advocate dismantling the ADL? Dismantle AIPAC? Throughout history Jewish identity, whether religious or not, has always implied a sense of collective interests; Jewish groups have always felt a connection and sense of common interests with Jews in other countries.

Further, Jewish commitment to leftist universalism has always been accompanied by strong Jewish identities (see here, p. 80ff)—hence the finding that Jewish support for leftist causes waxed and waned depending on whether they were seen as satisfying Jewish interests. Beck makes much of the fact that Soros’ father was an Esperanto-speaking radical—in other words, a member of the very mainstream Jewish subculture of the left that was the most important Jewish subculture of 20th century. Leftist Jews were “attracted to radical political solutions that would transform the economic and political basis of society and would also be consistent with the continuity of Judaism” (p. 81). Universalist ideologies of the left “function as a secular form of Judaism” (p. 87).

Soros’ behavior fits entirely into the mainstream of contemporary Diaspora Judaism in the West—a strategy designed to decrease the power and influence of the White European majority of America. Contra Beck, it’s hard to see Soros as a uniquely powerful, indispensable funder of the left. His leftist activism is no different from the activism of a host of well-funded explicitly Jewish organizations like the ADL or de facto Jewish organizations (because of Jewish funding) like the SPLC. His political involvement reflects the political stance of the great majority of American Jews, 83% of whom voted for Obama and support progressive causes. Indeed, the organized Jewish community has not only been the most important force in ending the European bias of American immigration laws, it has assiduously courted alliances with non-White ethnic groups, including Blacks, Latinos, and Asians overwhelmingly aligned with the Democratic Party. Like Soros, the American Jewish community opposes any indication of White racial or ethnic consciousness while also supporting organizations like La Raza that promote the ethnic consciousness and interests of non-Whites.

When it comes to Israel, it has recently been revealed that Soros is a major funder of J Street, the relatively dovish pro-Israel lobbying group. This could mean that Soros is less hypocritical than the vast majority of American Jews who continue to support AIPAC and the Israel Lobby despite their very unprogressive support of Israel’s pro-apartheid, pro-ethnic cleansing policies. J Street and Soros support an aggressive U.S. role in the Middle East, they oppose settlement building, and are open to talks with Hamas.

However, it has also recently come out that Soros funds neoconservatives with a history of support for the most racialist elements in Israel. This indicates that his support for the left on policy toward Israel is not strongly principled. Minimally, it indicates that he would accept a Republican government dominated by neoconservatives favoring the most racialist elements in Israel if it managed to contain White populist anger in America. Neoconservative support for pretty much the entire social program of the left, including especially support for massive non-White immigration, is legendary.

A cynic would observe that the lack of effectiveness of J Street to date means that it mainly functions to give Judaism a softer veneer that is consistent with post-racial, multicultural America without having any effective influence on lessening the support of the Israel Lobby for Israel as an apartheid, expansionist, racialist state. Indeed, J Street recently noted “a deep commitment to Israel…[is] interwoven deep in the soul of American Jewish political identity.”

The reality is that American policy toward Israel is determined almost completely by the composition of the Israeli government which is now the most racialist in its history. Simply put, the American Jewish community will not discontinue its support for Israel no matter how racialist it is—collective Jewish interests and all that. Given the demographics of Israel which is increasingly dominated by highly fertile ethnic and religious fanatics, the racialist policies emanating from Israel will continue or get more extreme in the foreseeable future. With all his money, Soros cannot change this even if he wanted to...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Beck is a faux-Christian, as are all “Christian” Zionist neocons and Bushcons. Actually, I’ve gotten a sense lately that certain Mormons may have in mind the possibility of running a Judeofascist-like racket themselves in the U.S., but one that wouldn’t be burdened with the racist Israel albatross, nor psychotic Jewish delusions of ruling the world. Stepping into the shoes of the vacated organized Jewish rackets, so to speak.

I wouldn’t recommend it, though. They’d only be setting themselves up for a massive, anti-Mormon pogrom, because when the sh*t hits the fan, and latent-Christian Americans regain their senses (and anti-Pharisaic consciousness), anything with a whiff of Judeofascism on it, Left or Right, “Christian” or Gentile, is going to be fair game.

Why, even the slavering, drunken Judeophile-lefty Christopher Hitchens is backing away from his Jewish masters. Now when a craven, obsequious opportunist like that starts getting cagey and pacing towards the door, the writing is on the wall.

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