Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quasi-governmental, Zionist-Left front group SPLC designates U.S. freedom movement activists suspect "terrorists"

(By Chris Moore) -- The quasi-governmental advisory group to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Jewish-dominated, self-professed "civil rights" organization Southern Poverty Law Center has designated those Americans who take preventive measures against a militarized government's increasing police state abuses to be potential or likely terrorists.

Carlos Miller at
The Southern Poverty Law Center has produced a video to educate police officers about domestic terrorists and cop killers.

And naturally, they include people who videotape cops as potential suspects.

The 12:25 minute video focuses on the "sovereign citizen" movement - described as a "radical, anti-government movement" - which the SPLC further describes below:

The so-called “sovereign citizens” movement — men and women who believe they are exempt from most state and federal laws, regulations and tax codes — is spreading like a prairie fire. While many of these are tax resistors or perpetrators of “paper terrorism” – the filing of nuisance liens and such – some sovereign citizens have demonstrated a willingness to resist police and government authority with violence.
Earlier this year, two Arkansas police officers were killed during a traffic stop involving a father-and-son team of sovereigns, so it is understandable why officers would need to educate themselves about these individuals.

However, the video uses a very broad brush to paint people who have right-wing bumper stickers on their cars as well as people who videotape cops as being potential cop killers.
David Kramer at understands exactly why the SPLC wants police state opponents and government dissidents to be labeled as "terrorists": in order to advance the fraudulent "civil rights" organization's crypto-totalitarian agenda:
The leftist Southern Poverty Law Center has produced this video warning government thugs (i.e., cops) against anti-government types—you know, those of us who don’t pledge allegiance to the IRS; don’t support the U.S. government terrorist attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen; don’t support the domestic terrorist attacks by government narcs against people who have the “audacity” to believe they own their own bodies in order to decide what to ingest in them;...At 8:18, cops are warned that some sovereigns, i.e., domestic “terrorists” might try to record (video) their encounters with the police. This is one of many Establishment brainwashing techniques to convince the sheeple that anyone videotaping and then posting on the internet a police abuse scene could be a “terrorist”—i.e., scare people into not doing this as this freedom technique takes on more and more popularity over the coming years.
The SPLC is a prime example of the Judeofascist-Left hard at work in America, and how it uses the trojan horse of "civil rights" to establish Jewish supremacy and hegemony both at home and abroad. The SPLC knows full well the wars being fought by the U.S. in the Mideast are being waged to advance the imperialist neolib/neocon and Jewish Zionst agenda; and it also knows the greatest opposition to the domestic Jewish-supremacist agenda (patterned on the Jewish Bolshevik-dominated early Soviet Union) comes from the freedom movement, authentic conservatives, Christians, and libertarians (authentic being the operative word here, which excludes authoritarian "Christian" Zionists, neocons and subversive Randian "libertarians.")

Just as the Jewish Bolsheviks who were instrumental in
instigating and propagating early Communism and Soviet totalitarianism weren't really interested in "social justice" as advertised, (but rather domestic mass murder on behalf of Jewish supremacy), the SPLC is an agency not designed to advance "civil rights," but rather government-imposed, totalitarian Zionist domination of American society -- as a means to simultaneously advance Zionist domination of the Middle East.

In addition to beings self-serving Judeofascist-Left racists and totalitarians, the SPLC leadership is also driven by insatiable greed and swindle. Why, just look at the
lifestyle of splendor that SPLC Founder Morris Dees is able to support in the "poverty" racket.

Honestly, who is the real threat to American sovereignty and its traditions of liberty, limited government, freedom, and individual (and civil) rights: those who want to keep a skeptical eye on authoritarian government and its propensity for warmongering and
police state abuse, or those who declare skeptics and dissidents to be "terrorists" -- a favorite technique of authoritarian demagogues and totalitarians from Adolph Hitler and his racist Aryan Nazis to Joseph Stalin and his racist Jewish Bolsheviks?

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