Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Religiously supremacist, ethnically cohesive Zionist Jewry increasingly difficult for its corrupt U.S. partisans and collaborators to paper over

Uri Avnery on Religious Jews

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Uri Avnery is an insightful observer of the Israeli scene and Judaism in general. In a recent column, he notes that the early Zionists were anti-religious, at least partly because prominent orthodox rabbis were anti-Zionist. But David Ben-Gurion subsidized “a few hundred” Yeshiva students so they could spend their time studying rather than working or joining the military. Now, these “Torah-shielded parasites” ”constitute 13% of the entire yearly crop of those liable to the draft. Moreover, 65% of all Orthodox male citizens do not work at all and live on the public purse.”

However, a small group of nationalist religious Jews were also encouraged by Ben Gurion. This group has prospered as well, giving rise to Gush Emunim (“the Bloc of the Faithful’), “the ideological core of the settlement movement. Nowadays this camp is directed by Rabbis whose teachings emit a strong odor of Fascism.”

This trend toward fascism is more pronounced because these two religious groups have grown together ideologically over the years, so that “the two factions are very close to each other today and together constitute an Orthodox-national-religious bloc. Indeed, the Orthodox have now become much more nationalist: “The youngsters of the Orthodox faction are seduced by the nationalist melody, unlike their fathers, for whom Israel was just like any goyim-state to be milked.” (The latter comment on the mentality of diaspora Judaism, which would be seen as egregious anti-Semitism if written for an audience in the diaspora, presumably reflects the critique of diaspora Judaism common among secular Zionists of an older generation. [Avnery was born in 1923 and came to Palestine in 1933.])

Avnery sees this new religion as unprecedented in Jewish history: “The Jewish religion in Israel is a mutation of Judaism, a tribal, racist, extreme nationalist and anti-democratic creed.” I rather doubt this, on the basis of other work. For example, the premise of Shahak & Mezvinsky’s Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel is that this is exactly what traditional Judaism was, and this fits well with the group evolutionary strategy idea. See my summary here, p. 9ff. As they note, there are strong continuities between traditional Jewish communities and contemporary Jewish religious fundamentalism in Israel: “Present day fundamentalists attempt to re-create the life of Jewish communities before the Enlightenment (i.e., prior to about 1750).”...

Avnery notes that the Orthodox have 5-15 children per woman. As always, demography is destiny. Avery suggests that the government effect a separation of religion and state, but at this point that is a political impossibility. In the future, it will be even less of a possibility.

Absent external factors, the logical prediction is that the reality of Israel as a racialist, expansionist, religiously fanatic ethnostate will be more and more difficult to gloss over—even for the aggressively pro-Israel media and for politicians subservient to the Israel Lobby...MORE...LINK
Above: Ethnically cohesive Jewish Zionists on parade in Israel

Below: Ethnically cohesive Jewish Zionists and their corrupt Israel-first political stooges on parade in the U.S.

Chris Moore comments:

To me, it's obvious what happened with Nazism: Judeo-"Christian" Nazis simply evolved to mirror the Judeo-Bolshevik Communists, and the most sociopathic Aryans (plenty of them with more than a few drops of broiling Jewish blood running through their veins -- and hence Judeofascist inclinations) made their way to the top just as did the most sociopathic Bolsheviks. Being incapable of feeling guilt has its materialist and careerist advantages. But sociopaths make for an ignoble, dishonorable, unprincipled and unrefined leadership, as contemporary America demonstrates, as well -- hence the need for a strong Christian moral order in which nobility can rise to the top and vulgarians, Zionists, fascists, communists and other base thugs and sociopaths are kept in the gutter, where they belong.

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