Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Authoritarian Judeofascist lefties enforce Zionist party line at corrupt and cowering Dem party hack Daily Kos

‘Daily Kos’ banned me and smeared Rachel Corrie, but we can’t give up on the Democratic Party

(Mondoweiss) -- by Jim Harris --

Daily Kos is the "premier online political community with 2.5 million unique visitors per month and 250,000 registered users.” Its stated purpose is simple: “It's a Democratic blog with one goal in mind: electoral victory.” Well, that’s a warning right there. Its goal is simply to promote the Democratic Party brand, not to promote peace, social justice, or oppose oppression. Yet many of us who blog at Daily Kos use the site to promote values such as opposing wars and oppression, no matter the current political popularity of such a stance. If you write there in support of Palestinian liberation and ending US funding for Israeli oppression, you risk, at a minimum, that you will be subject to regular and vicious attacks from those who defend the status quo, or some slightly modified version thereof.

I know, because I was banned from the site after writing on it for over 4 years.

My diaries mostly dealt with the daily and routine violence of the occupation. Home demolitions and evictions of Palestinians from their homes are the subject of many (and the mockery they make of a “peace process”). I was also not afraid to criticize the Jewish establishment, including the ADL and even groups like Hillel when some locals hosted Efraim Eitam. But the last straw was perhaps my last diary, a report of the protest of Israeli peace groups and their concern that Israel is becoming a fascist state. The pressure must have been too intense for the DKos administration to withstand, so it became easier just to ban me.

I was not all that surprised. In one of my comments, made in regard to the ADL’s attack on the Muslim Community Center planned in New York, I stated that no matter where we live in America “we can demand that bigotry be rejected by all, including New Yorkers, and the ADL.” It elicited this emphatic and crude response: “You have no fucking standing my friend, to demand anything.” That statement, I believe, encapsulates the view that, at Daily Kos, unless you conform to certain limits of acceptable criticism of Israeli policy and of the institutions that support Israeli policy (including the Democratic Party), you simply do not have any standing. For example, saying the Israeli settlements should no longer expand is permissible. But say that the US should cease the funding of Israeli aggression and you can expect to be attacked as being an anti-Semite.

A case in point, and again, very crude but not at all subject to administrative sanction at Daily Kos: in attacking the memory of Rachel Corrie and supporting the Official Israeli line about how she was killed, a commenter said:
... if the ISM's [International Solidarity Movement's] story were true, and the bulldozer had run over her, then backed over her, they'd have buried her in tupperware. The fact that she actually had an open casket funeral would suggest that this scenario was not, in fact, what happened. Additionally the autopsy report finding dirt and debris in her lungs is consistent with the IDF's version of the story that she was on rubble, fell, and was buried under it and crushed by it. But that doesn't fit the ISM's (and your) narrative of malicious, vindictive, thieving Jews, so their version of the story was a bit different.
Notice the clear accusation of anti-Semitism; in this case simply for refusing to accept the Israeli government story on the killing of Rachel Corrie, and the utter disrespect the commenter exhibits toward the family of Rachel Corrie (does any family ever bury their dead in Tupperware? It looks like a variation of the extremist taunts of Rachel as “St. Pancake”). That is the kind of impunity at Daily Kos allowed for those whose views conform to the current anti-Palestinian policies of the Democratic Party...MORE...LINK
Jewish Bolshevik makeover: A new generation of Judeofascist-lefties has transplanted to America and is again ruthlessly patrolling the Left for party-line compliance to the Jewish supremacist agenda within an authoritarian state Trojan Horse


Chu said...

Let's hope a significant majority of the left wakes up to this. But it's going to be difficult if this information is not in the least provided by some political talk show infotainer, like Olberman and crew.
A lot of people I know hardly care about politics, and if it's not fed to them by Maddow, or some other toady, they fail to see it as significant; a dark conspiracy that may cloud their bright future.

Breaking the back of this mafia controlled system seems impossible sometimes. But perhaps there will be another way of circumventing nightly brainwashing from Maddow, Matthews, etc. It will be the growth of online media, and a new generation of people that have grown to use it as a primary source of information, that will undermine the former boob-tube decades.

Chu said...

book review discusses the book chapter on addressing Bolshevism:

Ira E. Stoll
"The author does not flinch, though, from describing Jewish involvement in Bolshevism.
Mr. Muller gets out onto the thinnest ice when he blames Jewish involvement in revolutionary activity and communism for inflaming European anti-Semitism. Sometimes, he frames this claim cautiously: "To be sure, in much of eastern Europe anti-Semitism long antedated the Bolshevik Revolution, and would have been a substantial factor in interwar politics even without the prominence of Jews in the Communist movement."

Chris Moore said...

Chu, it's important to propagate the fact that Zionism is an entire political ideology and world view that has indoctrinated its adherents from both the Left and Right; indeed, that taps into streams of consciousness that will appeal to gullible and corrupt elements of both Left and Right. Of course, we know it is a murderous swindle and deadly false consciousness being orchestrated by the most cynical, soulless and corrupt factions of American politics, but average Americans don't know that.

Once Americans connect to the concept that the majority of elites in American society are either dedicated Zionists or their useful idiots, then there is no turning back. That's why an authoritarian state is crucial to the Jewish supremacist enterprise, to either keep people from connecting the dots, or to keep them down once they do.

But you're right, trying to hold back the Internet is like trying to hold back a rising tide. Just look at Wikileaks; that's merely the leading edge of the electronic guillotine of justice that is just beginning to fall.

Chu said...

It's funny and sad what is happening with Wiki Leaks. It's shows the media is really state run. Wolf Blitzer almost lost it:

"Are they doing anything at all to make sure if some 23-year-old guy, allegedly, starts downloading hundreds of thousands of cables, hundreds of thousands of copies of sensitive information, that no one pays attention to that, no one in the security system of the United States government bothers to see someone is downloading all these millions -- literally millions of documents? . . . at this point, you know, it -- it's amazing to me that the U.S. government security system is so lax that someone could allegedly do this kind of damage just by simply pretending to be listening to a Lady Gaga C.D. and at the same time downloading all these kinds of documents."
He's doesn't even care about impartiality any longer. That mask is now gone.

Guaranteed someone Congress is proposing a Firewall Bill similar to China. These secrets expose the whole corrupt enterprise, and the only thing the media and Congress can do is talk about Julian Assange and his elusive character.
sad... the desperation is palpable.