Saturday, December 18, 2010

Despite best efforts at sabotage, 9/11 Truth movement slowly closing in on organized Jewry's starring role in attacks on America -- and humanity in general

The synagogue ceiling darkens the 9/11 skeptics movement

(The Ugly Truth) -- by John Kaminski --

The word is getting around. People are wising up. That thing we’re not supposed to talk about? People are talking about it.

This great, all-encompassing embargo on that certain subject that underlies and complicates seemingly every facet of our lives, has been identified, but people are terrified to hear the findings. In fact, they are willing to ignore and avoid the subject altogether, even as their lives slide toward oblivion and their children are poisoned by parents and teachers who are too deluded by their false perceptions of well-being to challenge the obvious lies they are told.

The whine you hear when you ask that certain question goes something like this. “I feel uncomfortable talking about Israel.” Or, “You’re just one of those people who blame Jews for everything.” Or, “It’s not all Jews — just those bad Zionist rascals in Israel.”

For nine years, the chaotic crowd that tried to understand what really happened on September 11, 2001 was hit with the same message petromole Mike Ruppert uttered on Dec. 27, 2001. Right after he gave us seemingly solid leads on put options and Delmart Vreeland, he remarked: “Israel had nothing to do with it.” The sad conclusion to his participation in the 9/11 skeptics movement occurred a few years later when, as the big hitter at the first two major 9/11 skeptics conferences — in Toronto and San Francisco — he totally derailed the whole focus of the movement into the bogus peak oil issue. He was abetted by the sinister secret Jew producer of those conferences and inventor of those cute Deception Dollars that never mentioned Israel, Carol Brouillet.

After the first wave of outrage over the 9/11 lies had been destabilized, the prepackaged national groups — 911truth and the others — took over, with the initial caveat to all participants that we must not single out any particular ethnic group in our investigations. They play this song so many different ways, many of which have now metastasized into Hate Crimes laws behind which Jews do the Kafka number on Holocaust Revisionists who tell the truth and go to jail for it.

Despite the presence of hundreds of new websites over the years that connect the Jews to 9/11, that Jewish mindlock on most of the population of the world about mentioning any negative aspect of their incredibly bizarre behavior has kept the lid on talk about the obvious connections of Jews to 9/11 in these groups ever since — which takes us down to the present day and the two big 9/11 truth groups — 9/11truth and wearechange...

It strikes me as odd that a person could have sufficient curiosity to attend any 9/11 skeptics meeting, but NOT have any inclination to investigate what clearly is the most dominant aspect of the crime scene — the Jewish fingerprints in the city with the largest Jewish population in the world, in a country controlled by dual citizen Israelis in both finance and government, whose media is 100 percent Jewish (the other argument is it’s 99), and whose kosher bankers control the lives of absolutely every person inside our borders. Not to mention elsewhere...

But the big question remains, as it always has, the comatose populace.

Can people stop watching Dancing with the Stars long enough to hear the screams of people’s organs being removed in Gaza?

It hasn’t happened yet, in human history. And yet we keep our hopes high under whatever banner that has not yet been infiltrated and sabotaged.

Because the bubble WILL burst. In fact, most of us can hear the seams splitting as we speak.

The equation to be solved is a simple one.

When the bubble finally bursts — as it will soon — will we finally be free of this Jewish compound interest formula that revels in blood and drags the human species toward its final resting place, or will we be finally and irrevocably lost in a stimulus controlled parking lot that will become the laboratory of our eternal slavery and the tomb of our highest hopes?

This is not a multiple choice quiz. You get to answer now. Before the bubble bursts, please...MORE...LINK

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