Monday, January 24, 2011

As anti-Zionist political dissent in America increases, Judeofascists lobby to ratchet threshold for State-accusations of "anti-Semitism" ever tighter

The threshold for anti-Semitism reaches a new low

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s neocon blogger, is very upset. According to Rubin, an article by the notoriously anti-Semitic Time Magazine claimed that “Jews only care about money.”

Wow! To think a very mainstream liberal publication would publish such a thing. Surely concentration camps for Jews cannot be far behind.

So I thought I would check the Time article just to actually comprehend the evil myself.

Here’s the offending passage, from “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace,” by Karl Vick:
As three Presidents, a King and their own Prime Minister gather at the White House to begin a fresh round of talks on peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the truth is, Israelis are no longer preoccupied with the matter. They’re otherwise engaged; they’re making money; they’re enjoying the rays of late summer. A watching world may still see their country as being defined by the blood feud with the Arabs whose families used to live on this land and whether that conflict can be negotiated away, but Israelis say they have moved on.
In other words, Vick is saying that life is good for most Israelis. Like most people, they are preoccupied with making a living. One might say that they are enablers of the Palestinian dispossession rather than actively beating the drums of ethnic cleansing.

Now I strongly suspect that if true at all, this applies only to a certain segment of Israeli society–surely not the ethnocentric, hyper-religious fanatics that Netanyahu’s government represents.

In any case, one expects such over-the-top fanaticism from neocon publicists like Rubin even as one is horrified that she has a pulpit in the mainstream media. What’s interesting is that Rubin’s diagnosis of anti-Semitism has been accepted by the U.S. State Department. Rubin interviewed Hannah Rosenthal, the State Department’s special envoy to combat anti-Semitism, asking her if the Time article was “over the line.” Rosenthal “said without hesitation, ‘That is absolutely over the line.’ Those types of assertions, she said, ‘are made by people who do not know history or misread history.’”...

If that’s the sort of thing that passes for anti-Semitism these days, it’s going to be pretty hard to find people who aren’t anti-Semitic. But that’s just the sort of bunker mentality that has always characterized the ethnocentric core of Judaism–the same people who are driving the settlement expansion in Israel, dominating the current Israeli government, and supporting them to the hilt in AIPAC.

And Rubin manages to spout all this from a perch in a prestigious outpost of the mainstream media. The real problem for America as a client state of Israel is that people like Rubin can present these ideas with nary a peep from anyone in the political, media, or academic establishment. And that is a really awesome display of Jewish power...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

A few rhetorical questions on this:

–Why is yet another hard-core Zionist writing for the Washington post?

–After all we’ve been through in the last two or three decades (e.g. lied into the Iraq war for Israel, Jewish grifter-engineered Wall St. meltdowns, general organized Jewish desecration and plunder of Americans and their culture and society) why do we continue to fall in line every time the “anti-Semite” cudgel is wielded?

–Why is there a special envoy on anti-Semitism in the State Department and not a special envoy on, say, anti-Christianism or anti-Islamicism?

Let me posit a quick answer to all three: we are today living in a Jewish supremacist (Zionist) caste-system, organized swindling Jewry and complicit gentile collaborators and cowards have their greasy fingers on nearly every lever of power, and our system is today nearly entirely one massive ponzi scheme with Zionist rats holding the linchpin.


So called “anti-Semitism” ebbed and flowed throughout the Middle Ages in rough proportion to Jewry’s own behavior, meaning they were generally only “persecuted” or expelled to the equal extent that they and their partners (often “nobility”) cheated, swindled, and abused the Christian masses.

And The Holocaust (TM)? Even that was largely a consequence of Jewish Bolsheviks and the epically murderous precedents they set and atrocities they perpetrated, with death tolls also in the millions well before the Nazis ever rose.

Jewry’s primary enemy is, and always has been, its own bad will and bad karma.


Average Americans have wondered through the years how average Germans could have been seduced by murderous Nazism, or how average Russians could have been seduced by murderous Communism.

But today, average Americans need to ask themselves: "How have I been seduced by Judeofascists and their political collaborators into supporting murderous Zionism and Jewish supremacism, both in the Levant, and domestically?"

Because Americans from both mainstream Left and mainstream Right have been seduced and become complicit, it's not a question that will be raised by the corrupt Establishment. Ironically, though, it is the greatest question of our time, and the world is increasingly raising it without us, even as we burrow ever deeper into denial, insularity, and the false consciousness (and confidence) that our Zionist overlords have constructed.

One way or another, though, eventually there will be a reckoning, and we all will be answerable. And it's still not too late for hoodwinked Americans to change course and do the right thing. But time is drawing short, and historical judgement (and ultimately, theological judgement) is drawing ever closer for everyone by the day.

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